Balochistan: BLF attack kills six Pak Army soldiers

BLF's Strategic Assault on Pakistan Army in Jaho
BLF (Photo - News Intervention)

Recently, in the act of valour, the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) carried out an attack on the Pakistan Army in Jaho, resulting in the deaths of six Army personnel, including a Deputy Subedar. The attack also led to the capture of weapons, and rocket was also fired at a nearby checkpoint during the attack.

The attack was executed on a unit of the Pakistan Army stationed in the Baderang Nonrada area of Jaho. The BLF planned the operation strategically, coordinating it with a Combat Reaper Team (CRT) from the nearby Pakistan Army battalion headquarters in Koharo.


Two different groups collaborated to execute this attack. One group closely monitored the movements of the Army battalion headquarters in Koharo and informed the BLF fighters about their activities. The BLF members then positioned themselves near the Army’s path in Baderang. When the Army came within striking distance, the BLF launched a sudden and intense attack, resulting in the deaths of six personnel before the Pak Army could respond.

The Paki ‘establishment’ have confirmed and identified the two slain officials as Deputy Subedar Asif Irfan Resident of District Okara Punjab, and 25 years old Soldier Irfan Ali Resident of District Sargodha Punjab. However, the Public Relations Department of the Pakistan Army is concealing the deaths of their other officials. There was no resistance from the Pakistan Army during this attack. The Baloch freedom fighters did not give them a chance to fire a single shot and took away their weapons after the attack.


However, the nearby checkpoint fired back at the Baloch fighters, forcing them to stay behind the walls of the checkpoint. After the attack, all Sarmachars successfully managed to evaluate the area safely. The Pakistan Army has confirmed the attack, but as always, they have lied that only two Baloch fighters were martyred in this attack.

The claim made by the ISPR is a complete lie. This proves that the Paki ‘establishment’ is trying to hide their defeat and embarrassment. BLF had already warned in its previous statements about these attacks. Their operations have resulted in the abandonment of several Army posts and checkpoints. Despite Paki ‘establishments’ superior numbers and resources, they are being defeated on every front in Pak-occupied-Balochistan. The Army primarily targets unarmed civilians and attempts to create disturbances in Baloch society by forming alliances with criminal groups.

BLF calls to the Baloch nation to support the organisation with patience and resilience so that together they can successfully remove the Army from their land. As long as this Army remains occupiers, the Baloch nation will remain in trouble. For decades, BLF has carried on an armed struggle against the Pakistan Army and ‘establishment’, as they have illegally occupied Balochistan. Since 27 March 1948, Pakistan Army has been oppressing Baloch through daily home raids, disappearances, staged encounters, target killings, torture, humiliation at checkpoints, and kidnappings for ransom. The Pakistan Army is targeting and monitoring Baloch people, and anyone who has a potential to raise questions is either killed or abducted. 

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