Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan warns Pak of dire consequences if families of TTP are harmed

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan warns of dire consequences
Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP (Photo: PTI)

Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), a terrorist organization has threatened Pakistan on a possibility of fierce action if the latter does not stop targeting people related to it. Once promoted by Pakistan, TTP has now set eyes on the Pakistan controlled territory bordering Afghanistan. In the latest press release, the terrorist organization has stated “For some time now, the power-hungry state agencies (Pakistan) have started unannounced operations and war against those people, whose relatives are in the ranks of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, especially in Dera Ismail Khan and Peshawar provinces. A number of people have been arrested during these operations, some of them have been forced to leave their homes, some businesses and properties have been confiscated, and some of them are being harassed in different ways to make them leave their areas.”

Precisely, Pakistan is facing an end that was bound to happen given its choice of means. Pakistan has been repeatedly warned that if it would create the monster of terrorism, eventually none but only it will face the ramifications. But Pakistan helped the terror industry to entrench so firm that it has now become near-to-impossible to eradicate these extremist elements, because, if the detail about Pakistani operation mentioned in the TTP release is to be believed, Pakistan is taking these actions to safeguard the territory under its control and TTP, a terrorist organization, which is threatening it to refrain from doing so. This makes the precarious situation evident.

TTP gives stern warning

Nonetheless, mentioning the ongoing Afghan civilian deportation, the release urges that all believers and Muslim people in Pakistan, particularly scholars, political parties, and tribal leaders, need to contemplate the detrimental policy adopted by the current interim government, influenced by the establishment, fostering hatred towards the Afghan people.

Furthermore, TTP has warned all government officials and their relatives that if this dangerous act and behavior is not stopped within one month and this policy is not removed, then the first attack will be taken at the feet of government officials and their relatives.

Pakistan which calls itself a nuclear state used the menace of terrorism to destabilise Afghanistan and India, however, it has ended up being destabilized. A terrorist organization that operates on its soil is challenging its ‘sovereignty’ and it is in no position to give a tough reply. As last time when TTP and Pakistan Army indulged in clashes in Chitral, Pakistan forces suffered significant losses along with utter humiliation.

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