Suicide blasts rock Pak-occupied Balochistan & Khyber- Pakhtunkhwa; 57 killed

Blast in balochistan and peshawar
Injured being taken To hospital In Mastung after the blast (Photo: Social Media)

On the day of birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad, Pak-occupied Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa witnessed massive bombings killing at least 57 individuals while injuring 112 others.

The first blast took place at a 12th Rabiul Awwal procession in Balochistan’s Mastung district near Madina mosque on Al Fatah road. The attack was targeted on the birthday celebration of prophet Muhammad. The officials of the occupying authorities are anticipating it to be a suicide attack.

According to Mastung Deputy Commissioner Abdul Razzaq Sasoli, “A procession of hundreds of people came out of the Madina mosque and as it reached Al Falah road a suicide bomber targeted it.”  Later the video of the horrifying blast also surfaced on social media, in which hundreds of people could be seen affected by the bombing. As per report, about 53 individuals have lost their lives while more than 100 have been injured.

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Blast

Just a couple of hours after the Mastung blast, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa was also rocked by two consecutive blasts outside a mosque. It was also a suicide attack which took place in a mosque situated inside the Doaba Police Station in Hangu, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. The initial explosion occurred at the police station’s entrance, drawing a crowd to the location. Shortly thereafter, another blast occurred within the mosque.
District Police Officer Nisar Ahmad confirmed that the second blast took place during the Friday sermon.

In an official statement, the interim Information minister Feroze Jamal elucidated that two suicide bombers, traveling in a vehicle, attempted to reach the mosque but encountered opposition from the police officers stationed at the mosque’s entrance.

He elaborated, stating, “One of the attackers was killed in a confrontation with the police outside the mosque, while the other managed to enter the place of worship.”

Jamal further noted that during the exchange of gunfire, two officers were injured, highlighting that the quick response of the police resulted in the safe evacuation of worshippers upon hearing gunshots.

He underscored that the situation could have been much more dire had the police not displayed strong resistance. As of now 5 persons are reported to be killed, while about 12 are injured.

The region of Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have been vulnerable areas. Blasts often occur in these regions, but this attack was on the day of birth celebration of Prophet Muhammad, the most significant time of the year in the Islamic tradition. As of now, no organisation has taken the responsibilities of the attacks.

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