Students in Pak-occupied Balochistan struggle with lack of basic needs in educational institutions

Students Protest Against Various Issues in Educational Institutions
Students Protest (Photo - Social Media)

Students protest has erupted in the Khuzdar district of Pakistan-occupied-Balochistan. In the ongoing protest by female students at Girls’ Degree College Khuzdar, these young women have voiced their concerns. Their issues revolve around transportation fees, irregular classes, shortage of teachers, and harassment by the college administration. The Student Organization is also standing firmly alongside these students, endorsing their legitimate demands.

In an inappropriate statement, an academic counselor (AC) said, “This is an illegal work, your careers can be destroyed, it does not make you beautiful to sit on the road, rot and die.” These words shows how the authorities of Girls’ Degree College Khuzdar think. However, it didn’t affect the determination of students who have taken a stand against a range of issues affecting them.

Despite their repeated efforts to engage with the College Principal, officials from the DMG Quetta Division, Director of General Colleges Pakistan-occupied-Balochistan, and local leaders, the students’ grievances have not received the attention they deserve. This lack of response has not only affected their education but has also taken a toll on their mental well-being.

The spokesperson for the students has made a heartfelt appeal to the college authorities and local leaders. They are urging these stakeholders to genuinely address the students’ concerns and swiftly resolve the issues at hand.

The students emphasize that their protests are peaceful expressions of their legitimate demands. However, the students warned that if their demands are not met, peaceful protests will continue and may escalate to more extensive demonstrations, for which they will hold the government responsible. Earlier, similar protest also erupted in Barkhan district. There female students from the government girls’ college also rallied against the college’s ineffectiveness.

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