Voice for Baloch Missing Persons’ hunger strike camp completes 14 years, students join in solidarity

VBMP hunger strike camp enters 5,183rd day
VBMP hunger strike (Photo - Social Media)

A group of students led by Nazir Baloch joined the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) hunger strike camp in Nushki on September 29, 2023. The camp, demanding the recovery of the thousands of Baloch people abducted by the Pak Army, has been ongoing for fourteen years.

In a speech to the students, VBMP Vice Chairman Mama Qadeer Baloch said that oppressive regimes around the world have used death squads to suppress people’s voices. He said that Pakistan is using the same strategy in Pakistan-occupied-Balochistan. Paki establishment has gathered all social evils, including local brokers and drug dealers, to openly harm Baloch people. In addition to hinder the growing popularity of the national struggle. People hold these protests to address the ongoing issue of missing persons in Pakistan-occupied-Balochistan.The enforced abduction by the Pakistan Army has persistently undermined the rights of Balochistan and its people, against which VBMP has been protesting for years. 

Furthermore, Qadeer Baloch noted that the Balochistan death squad in Khuzdar is an ongoing horror. He also added that Pak Army’s death squads, including those from ISI, have set an example of their brutality and terrorism in Balochistan, including Khuzdar. Moreover, the death squads have mercilessly targeted the families, elders, and women who were part of the Baloch Missing Persons Movement.

However, Qadeer Baloch said that the Baloch sons in Khuzdar have initiated a caravan of justice and will not relent in the face of oppression and coercion until they reach their destination. For far too long, Pakistan-occupied-Balochistan has witnessed enforced disappearances, targeting political activists, students, and civilians by the Pak Army. They are subjected to torture, and their lifeless bodies are discarded in isolated areas. Following the illegal occupation of Balochistan in March 1948, Balochistan has been fighting the war of its existence and freedom from Pakistan. Be it the peaceful way of protests or the armed resistance, against the inhumane authoritarian quasi state of Pakistan, Balochs are fighting an all-front war.

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