Triple murder in Assam; CM claims ‘Love Jihad’

    love jihad
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    In a disturbing incident of triple murder, that signals towards Love Jihad, a 24-year women has been killed along with her parents. On Monday, Nazibur Rahman Bora (25), surrendered to the Golaghat Police in Assam along with a nine-month-old baby and confessed of killing Sanghamitra and her parents, Sanjeev and Jinu Ghosh. The Golaghat Police SP stated that they have arrested Nazibur while the child has been sent to a shelter home under the protection of Child Welfare Committee.

    According to the Police, Sanghmitra became friend with Nazibur through Facebook in June 2020, during the covid lockdown. Further, in October, they left for Kolkata and married there. Her parents lodged an FIR against Nazibur under IPC’s Section 366- “Abducting a woman to forcefully compel her into marriage.” Although, she was brought back to Golaghat, the two had already registered a marriage in the court in Kolkata.

    Later in 2021, Sanghmitra’s parents registered a theft report accusing her, following which, Sanghmitra was arrested and spent over a month in judicial custody. However, after getting the bail, she returned to her parents’ home. The Police elucidated that they both eloped again in January 2022, this time to Chennai. They returned to Golaghat in August. Sanghmitra started living in Nazibur’s home and had a son in November 2022.

    Mazibur Started Torturing Sanghmitra

    It was in March this year, that Sanghmitra accused Nazibur of torturing her and registered a complaint to the police. Police registered a case of attempt to murder and arrested Nazibur. He got released on bail after 28 days. Sanghmitra and Nazibur’s story is filled with cross cases against each other and their families. Once such case was registered by Nazibur’s brother against Sanghmitra, accusing her and her family of assaulting Nazibur.

    After, Nazibur got bail, he tried to meet his son but Sanghmitra denied. Amidst the rising disputes, his whole social media love story culminated into the triple murder of Sanghmitra and her parents on July 24. While Nazibur is charged with murder and tresspassing, Assam CID has also roped in to probe the case.

    Assam CM Claims It A Case Of ‘Love Jihad’

    Surprisingly, the CM of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma visited the sister of Sanghmitra and claimes that the case is the outcome of love jihad. “The deceased family was Hindu and the accused belongs to the Muslim community. He first introduced himself with a Hindu name on Facebook. The woman learnt to use drugs when the couple had escaped to Kolkata,” Sarma said. He assured that the chargsheet will be filed in 15 days for the trial in the fast-track court.

    He further added, “I am personally concerned about such a case in which religious identity is hidden on Facebook to influence a woman for marriage, and at last such a situation is created that she cannot return. Even if she returns, society will not accept her. “He also questioned the legitimacy of the marriage as it was not registered under the Special Marriage Act. Rather, it was registered by a Qazi. Although, the further investigation will unviel each aspect related to the case, it can not be ignored that Hindu girls are being targeted selectively across India in the act of love jihad.

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