Two innocent Baloch youths sentenced to five years in prison by Pak backed Anti Terrorism Court (ATC)

ATC sentences two Baloch youth
Saqib Zaib alias Shehak and Farhad Sajid alias Chakar (Photo: Social Media)

Saqib Zaib and Farhad Sajid, two Baloch victims of enforced disappearance by Pakistani forces, have been sentenced to five years in prison.

CTD has said in a statement that two youths who were taken into their custody have been sentenced by the court. According to CTD, Saqib Zaib alias Shaheek and Farhad Sajid alias Chakar belonged to BLA (Baloch Liberation Army) and have booked them on charges of terrorism. The court sentenced them to 5 years in prison. According to CTD, he was arrested in April 2022.

Saqib Zaib Sarpara, son of Haji Nisar Sarpara and Farhad Sarpara, son of Haji Noorullah Sarpara, went missing after being detained by Pakistani forces from Quetta in February 2022 from Haji Noorullah’s house.

On the night of 12 February 2022, Pakistani forces raided a house in Quetta Faizabad and took Saud Sarpara, a 10th grade student, and Sudis son of Haji Nisar Sarpara, a 11th grade student, into custody and disappeared.

Similarly, on 7 February the forces raided the house of Haji Noorullah Sarpara and took one of his sons, Farhad Sarpara, and Haji Nisar Sarpara’s son Saqib Sarpara into custody. From Haji Nisar’s house another son Haroon Waleed son of Haji Nisar was also forcibly disappeared. Four months later the missing youths were handed over to the police in Kharan and Chaman, including Haroon, Sudis Ahmed and Muhammad Aqib. Kharan and Saqib Zeb and Farhad were handed over to the police in Chaman, Haroon, Sudis and Aqib were released from police custody on June 18 and returned home.

Mama Qadeer Baloch, Vice Chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, an organization active against forced disappearances in Occupied Balochistan, said that Pakistani secret agencies are abducting and martyring innocent children by using CTD as a shield.

Mama Qadeer said that ‘the agencies have started a new trick but CTD’s lies are now clear, the state’s narrative on forced disappearances and abduction of women has always been false’.

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