Women protest in Pak-occupied Gilgit Baltistan over lack of basic amenities in the region

protest in gilgit baltistan
Women stage sit in protest in POGB (Photo: News Intervention)

Two days ago, women in Aliabad, Hunza district of Pak-occupied Gilgit Baltistan, took to the streets to protest against the lack of basic amenities such as wheat flour, water, and electricity. The women gathered at Haspatal Chowk in Hunza and raised slogans against the Pakistani authorities.

One of the protesting women claimed that the rights of the native people of Gilgit Baltistan have always been subjugated, whether it is by the PTI, PML-N, or any other political party. She expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of flour being provided, stating that it is only suitable for monsters. She went on to say that 40kg bags of wheat flour are filled with a significant amount of wastage. She urged the people to wake up, unite, and stand against the atrocities of the occupying government, warning that otherwise, they would be strangled and their land will be confiscated.

Similarly, women from Ganish valley in Hunza district also staged a protest at Amir Hayat Chowk in Hunza, blocking the Karakoram Highway to highlight the unavailability of wheat flour.

It is worth noting that women in Gilgit Baltistan have been protesting against the lack of wheat flour in the region recently. Last month, a similar protest was staged. Pakistan has been illegally occupying Gilgit Baltistan for over 75 years, and unfortunately, it has only brought pain and misery to the people

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