Yet another girl raped in POK

(Representative Photo)

According to reports from Pakistani occupied Kashmir, a rapist kidnapped a sixth-grade girl and raped her for 15 days in Bagh, Malout area of POK. Bagh police has rescued the child victim and arrested the culprit from Sawabi Peshawar.Details of the case was provided by the mother of the victim, Salamat Jan, widow of Muhammad Mushtaq (late)Malout resident. She reported that Saddam, a resident of Sangar, a suburb of Malout had called her daughter, who is his student and is also his cousin.The girl is studying in class 6 and is 11 years old. He brought the girl from home saying that her mother had gone to the garden in the morning who had now become ill  and was admitted in the hospital. When Saddam reached the garden with the victim,he said that the hospital staff  had referred her mother to Pindi and hence that they should go to Pindi.He took her to Rawalpindi and the girl had no idea about Rawalpindi and then took her to Swabi where her sister-in-law also lived. He locked her in a room in Swabi and then raped her for 15 days.The  garden police station refused to accept the FIR .In the meantime, with the help of AC Bagh Benesh Jaral Sahiba the FIR was registered.Then, 15 days later, the family was informed that the  girl  was at her sister-in-law’s house in Swabi.When the police reached the place , the family first denied, but the police tightened up a little then they helped them to arrest the rapist Saddam and rescue the girl.The family of the girl and her lawyers have appealed to  human rights organizations and judiciary to bring  justice to the girl.

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