Yet, another minor Hindu girl gets abducted and forcibly converted in Sindh

hindu minor girl converted
Victim Guli With Abductor Fida Hussain Khasikheli (Photo: News Intervention)

A Hindu minor girl has been abducted and forcibly converted to Islam in Sanghar,Sindh. 15-year-old Guli, daughter of Babu was abducted four days ago from Barhun by a radical Islamist named Fida Hussain Khasikheli.

Khasikheli forcibly converted her to Islam and married her against her choice.

Conversion Certificate Of Victim Guli (Photo: News Intervention)

The case highlights the ongoing forced abduction and conversion of underage Hindu girls. Looking at the pattern, it is shocking to see that the modus operandi of these radical Islamists has always been same. They abduct the girl, convert them and marry them. In case of married women, they re-marry her to a Muslim declaring her Hindu husband as ‘haram’.

This pathetic act of cowardice and shame is carried out under the nose of the authorities of Islamic Republic of Pakistan that sees person of other religion as ‘kafir’. The radical Islamists are usually supported by the bigoted clerics who enjoy both religious as well as political dominance. The crime against Hindu girls and women is a ideological genocide that is slowly taking place.

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