Yet, again Pakistan Army uses Balochistan for missile testing,rekindles Chagai trauma

balochistan used as missile testing
Results after Pakistan's Nuclear test in Chagai Balochistan on 28 May 1998. Children born with genetic problems such as facial deformities, eye problems, skin diseases and limbs dysfunction (Photo: Social media)

A missile test conducted by the Pakistan Army in Dera Bugti, a region in Balochistan, Pakistan, has raised concerns among the local population. Residents of the area have shared videos on social media, claiming that the missile struck their region. Reports have confirmed that the missile test was conducted in the Pilaugh area of Dera Bugti, but thankfully the missile fell in an uninhabited area, sparing lives. Local journalists speculate that the impact occurred in the Shum Khilchas region, situated between Rajanpur and Dera Bugti.

The Ababeel Test

Paki ‘establishment’ has asserted that the missile test was part of the “Ababeel” weapon system evaluation. This system aims to enhance defense capabilities and deter potential aggression. According to the military’s Public Relations branch, the experiment assessed multiple aspects of the missile system.

Forced Evacuations: Three weeks before the missile test, the Pakistani military compelled residents to vacate their homes in areas such as Marri, Mozai, Draz Thal, and others. They were instructed to leave for safety reasons as the military intended to conduct missile tests. The residents, however, resisted evacuation, fearing they might be barred from returning.

Warnings and Concerns: In response to the refusal to evacuate, the military issued a 15-day ultimatum, stating that residents would be held responsible for their safety and financial losses if they did not comply.

Health Impacts and Local Hardships: The aftermath of missile tests in Temin Gorshani has witnessed the rapid spread of infectious diseases, straining local healthcare infrastructure. The lack of medical facilities in these areas compounds the difficulties for residents.

Balochistan: A Testing Ground: Baloch nationalist groups express concern, labeling Balochistan as a perpetual testing ground. They argue that the effects of tests conducted two decades ago in Chagai still haunt the local population.

Recent Fears and Past Traumas: Just a week before the Dera Bugti incident, an explosion near Dera Ghazi Khan had residents fearing another missile test incident. Today, under the pretext of experimentation, a missile named “Ababeel Weapon System” was tested in Balochistan.

A Call for Responsible Testing: The map highlights the recent Ababeel missile test location in Dera Bugti, emphasizing the need for responsible testing practices that prioritize the safety of nearby communities. Visual evidence of the missile remnants underscores the real impact of such tests on the region.

Conclusion: The recent missile test in Balochistan raises critical questions about the implications of these experiments on local communities and the broader regional dynamics. It emphasizes the urgent need for transparent, responsible, and considerate testing practices.

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