BLF attacks Pakistan Army Post in Har-e-Kaur Zamuri

Balochistan Liberation Front Strikes Pakistan Army Post in Daring Attack
Balochistan Liberation Front (Photo - Social Media)

In yet another display of valour, the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) has launched an attack on a Pakistan Army post located in Har-e-Kaur Zamuri, in the Zamuran area of Kech. The attack, which resulted in both human and financial losses for the enemy, took place on Monday (16th Oct) around noon.

The Pakistan Army post was established to protect what they call a border fence. However, the brave Baloch Sarmachars (freedom fighters) executed a well-coordinated attack on the post from multiple directions, making effective use of heavy weapons. The intensity of this assault left the Pak Army personnel unable to make any resistance, forcing them to seek refuge behind the walls of the outpost.

This incident demonstrates that the Pakistan Army’s show of strength in Pak-occupied-Balochistan is nothing more than a facade. When faced with genuine force and opposition, they prove to be futile on the battlefield.

The primary objective of the BLF’s struggle is to put an end to the occupation of Balochistan by the Pakistan Army, a crucial step for the preservation of Baloch national identity.

For decades, BLF has carried on an armed struggle against the Pakistan Army and ‘establishment’, as they have illegally occupied Balochistan. Since 27 March 1948, Pakistan Army has been oppressing Baloch through daily home raids, disappearances, staged encounters, target killings, torture, humiliation at checkpoints, and kidnappings for ransom. The Pakistan Army is targeting and monitoring Baloch people, and anyone who has a potential to raise questions is either killed or abducted

Therefore, the Baloch Sarmachars are resolute in their mission to confront and remove the Pak Army and its sinister elements from the land of Balochistan, achieving victories on every front.

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