Sindh: Forceful conversion of a Hindu girl to Islam in a dargah

forceful conversion of hindu girl
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One more Hindu girl gets converted to Islam in the infamous Bharchundi Sharif dargh in Daharki, Sindh.

Few days ago, a Hindu girl named Shamsta Kumari was taken to Bharchundi Dargah in Daharki, where she was converted to Islam by the Peer of Dargah, Mian Javed Ahmad Qadri. Soon it will be termed as an exercise of free will by the girl, however, how this dargah and its Peer have continued their conversion racket which is no hidden reality.

Bharchundi sharif, as established by the Pakistani media reports, has converted more than 150 helpless Hindu girls in between 2014-17. The number outside this time frame is anticipated to be even more, making it one of the biggest site of religious conversion in Pakistan and probably the biggest in Sindh.

This racket is run on the bigoted pretext of considering Hindus as ‘kafirs’ and converting them is a holy job. And that is why these dargahs, their Peers enjoy legal impunity and get a wide-ranging support from radicalized followers to big politicians and officials. The case of Shamsta Kumari is not an isolated one rather is a part of big fanatic endeavor to carry on a ethnic purge using an ideological and religious method.

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