BLF launches attacks across Pak-occupied Balochistan on Pakistan Army & construction companies

Multiple Locations Targeted by BLF
Pak Army attacked (Photo - X)

A wave of coordinated attacks has struck various locations across Pak-occupied-Balochistan, leaving a trail of destruction and casualties. The incidents unfolded in the regions of Bolan, Kech, and Gwadar, raising concerns for brutal Pak Army in the province.

In the Bolan district’s Siraaj Abad area, the freedom fighters launched a brazen assault on a checkpoint manned by Pakistan Army, inflicting significant damage. Additional attacks targeted a residence of the Frontier Works Organisation (FWO) and a telecommunications tower in the Pinjra Pul area.

While the puppet authorities are yet to disclose the exact toll of casualties and damage, reportedly, the Army bore the brunt of the assaults. In a separate incident near Gwadar’s coastal outskirts, Pak Army encountered fierce resistance, resulting in casualties among personnel.

Major Gwahram Baloch, spokesperson for the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), said that their mission to target oppressive occupying force – Pakistan Army, construction companies and infrastructure, aiming to inflict both human and financial losses.

Detailing the attacks, Major Baloch mentioned assaults on security checkpoints in the Mand Baloch Abad area of Kech, resulting in the death of two Army personnel. He noted the use of sophisticated weaponry to target Army camps and checkpoints along highways, causing further casualties and damage.

Moreover, Major Baloch warned construction companies in the Pinjra Pul area to refrain from cooperating with the Army or face dire consequences.

The Pak ‘establishment’ has confirmed casualties among Army in the Gwadar attack, with fighters ambushing them en route to checkpoints. BLF’s subsequent press release claimed responsibility for killing seven Army personnel and injuring another in the Gwadar assault. Earlier, on March 24, the BLA launched a massive attack on the Pak Army and Chinese infrastructure in Gwadar Port Authority Complex.

Since the occupation of Balochistan in 1948, the Pak Army has inflicted nothing but terror and violence. Along with China, they are hell bent on wiping off the resources of the region for their own vested interest. Therefore, the BLA is opposed to China’s investments and accuses China and Pakistan Army of exploitation of the resource-rich province.

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