Pak-occupied Gilgit-Baltistan residents protest the abduction of Falak Noor & murder of Inara

protest in POGB
Residents of POGB protesting outside Karachi Press Club (Photo: News Intervention)

Residents of Pakistan occupied Gilgit-Baltistan (POGB) residing in Karachi took to the streets in a massive protest condemning the recent abduction of Falak Noor and the tragic murder of Inara. The demonstration, which witnessed an overwhelming participation of thousands of people, echoed with slogans denouncing the establishment and puppet regime in POGB.

Organized by the Gilgit Baltistan Youth Alliance Karachi on March 31st, the protest drew support from various activists and organizations, including the likes of Shabbir Mayar. The fervent gathering underscored the growing discontent among the populace over the alarming incidents unfolding in their homeland.

Abduction of Falak Noor

The abduction of 13-year-old Falak Noor, who vanished while enroute to a nearby community center for religious education in Sultanabad, Gilgit, has sparked widespread outrage and apprehension within the POGB. Despite the registration of a First Information Report (FIR) and the provision of crucial leads regarding the kidnappers, authorities have thus far failed to trace any sign of the missing girl.

Adding to the distress, Falak Noor’s parents have accused the police of negligence, alleging that influential perpetrators enjoy impunity due to their social status. Moreover, a recent video purportedly featuring Falak Noor has surfaced, raising suspicions of coercion, as the minor girl appears to confess to a coerced marriage with a man of her choice, further fuelling concerns about her safety.

Murder of Inara

The protest also demanded swift action in the murder case of Inara, who was abducted from Danyor nearly a month ago. Despite the filing of a missing person report on March 5, it took 24 agonizing days before the lifeless body of 18-year-old Inara was discovered near a stream close to Danyor college in Gilgit.

The failure of the occupying government in addressing the rampant lawlessness in the region has compelled the people of POGB to express their grievances through protests in Pakistan, where they remain under illegal occupation. As tensions escalate and concerns mount, the call for justice and accountability reverberates louder, urging immediate action to ensure the safety and security of the region’s residents.

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