Conversion of Hindus in Pakistan: Religious coercion and systemic challenges

hindu minority mistreated in Pak
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Hindus are being coercively converted to Islam in Pakistan at a faster pace, in a pursuit of Islamising the entire populace. In an attempt of that, 14 members of a Hindu family have been converted at a single event in Sindh’s Daharki. The entire family including the children were converted by the infamous Mian Javed Ahmad Qadri of Bharchundi dargah. Qadri is notoriously involved in the conversion of Hindu population in and around Daharki.

In the territories controlled by Pakistan, Sindh has the biggest population of Hindus. And hence, it is unfortunate that Sindh is the only region which witnesses the most frequent cases of forced Hindu conversion. The biggest facilitators of these illicit and inhumane conversions are people like Qadri who at the behest of religion organise the most unsacred façade. Apart from Javed Ahmad Qadri, Pir Ayub Jan Farooqi aka Pir Ayub Jan Sirhandi is also a radical bigot who has vowed to convert all the Hindus in the most populous Hindu districts Umarkot (Amarkot) and Tharparkar, the region where he operates.

Simply put, these hate mongers who disguise themselves as Maulanas or Pirs are on a zealotry where they want an ethnic cleansing of all other minorities. However, these Maulanas are not the only ones to be blamed as their ideas and bigotry gets approval from a political entity that calls itself a ‘state.’

Precarious condition of Hindus in a zealot political system

Whether it is judicial system, the administration or the political system, these bigots get a refuge for doing such coward acts of forced conversion. In most of the cases even the FIR are not registered. The minor girls who get abducted are proved as adult on the basis of the forged document and the legal system enjoys being ignorant. This is all happening not because of any lawlessness but a validation of an ideology by the political system that Islam is the only truth and mere existence of any other religion is anti-Islam and that there is no harm in purge of any other religion.  The biggest example of this is the selection of a candidate to the post of caretaker PM who has in the past gavin the statement that could strengthen the courage of these criminals.

It must be remembered that the caretaker PM of Pakistan, Anwar-ul-haq Kakkar wrote a fanatic tweet back in 2020 which says, “We are waiting all Hindus to be persuaded to the enlighten truth of Islam will wait for a millennium no hurry.” The statement itself speaks that the most liberal idea of Pakistan’s political system is to provide a time period for the end of pluralistic society.

So, it must never be thought that at any point of time in future, this precarious situation of Hindus can get any better in Pakistan unless strict measures are taken by the international organisations. The international community and specially those working in the domain of human rights need to address this worsening condition of Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan, but at first they would have to have faith in a fact that Pakistan is no state and is just an entity which is blinded by the religious hatred.    

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