Manzoor Pashteen faces second arrest following bail release

Pashteen rearrested
Punjab police's convoy outside Adiala prison To rearrest Manzoor Pashteen (Photo: News Intervention)

In an exemplification of absolute lawlessness, Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) leader, Manzoor Pashteen has been rearrested for the second time at the gate of Adiala prison after getting bail from the court yesterday.

Manzoor Pashteen was granted bail in two cases that were imposed against him, including a Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) case. This time Manzoor Pashteen was arrested by Punjab Police. This is the second time that he has been arrested this way out of the prison gate. Last time, when he got bail from the ATC court, he was released. As soon as he reached the gate, he was arrested by the Islamabad police in two other cases. It was these two cases in which Pashteen got bail yesterday. The consecutive arrests and that too just after the bail raises apprehensions about the extra judicial methods being employed on the direction of Pakistan Army, as Pashteen has time and again made fierce attacks on the authoritarian control of Pakistan Army. Pashteen has conspicuously exposed the policies of Pakistan Army that instigated terrorism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Pakistan Army’s foul play

As per the PTM leaders and workers, Pakistan Army is directing the police forces to continue to press charges each time he gets bail from the court. Manzoor Pashteen has risen as one of the most influential Pashtun leaders, who is exposing the charade of Pakistan Army. Driven solely by the Pashtun cause, the PTM chief fights peacefully, devoid of any political motives. Pakistan Army is tormenting the legal procedures and exploiting the legal loopholes to keep Manzoor Pashteen away from the masses failing which, it fears, its authoritarian dominance could be thrown away just like the chaff is separated from the wheat.

Notably, Pashteen was arrested on December 3 after a deadly attack on his convoy, while he was en-route to participate in Turbat protest. Later he was presented to Anti-Terrorism Court, from where he got bail on December 26 completing his judicial remand. When he was released from the jail, Islamabad police rearrested Manzoor Pashteen from the gate on the basis of fresh charges. Now, after getting bail in those cases too, he has again been arrested. As this time Punjab Police has arrested him, the same procedure will be exploited to keep him captivated. This absolute suspension of human rights is concerning as it is evident that Pakistan Army controls every institution in Pakistan.  

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