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Hijab is the flag of Islamists: Yasmine Mohammed

Hijab is in news across India. It all started when a Karnataka college denied entry to girls wearing hijab and said that all students...

Panjgur & Nushki: How 16 Baloch fidayeens crushed the ‘mighty’ Pak Army

Three Days. Seventy Two Hours. Yes that’s the time Pakistan Army took to wrest back its own military bases in Balochistan from sixteen Baloch...

Farooq Abdullah, from frustration to anger to hatred

Power, popularity and riches came heaping on Farooq Abdullah as the body of his late father Sheikh Abdullah was downed to lay into eternal...

Tanveer Ahmed: My arrest has shaken Kashmiris out of slumber

Kashmiri journalist-activist Tanveer Ahmed was arrested from Dadyaal, Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK) by Pakistani security forces on August 21, 2020 for taking down the Pakistani...

India must lead peace initiatives for Afghanistan

Introduction: Humanitarian Disaster is round the Corner!Winter has come in more ways than one, for the unfortunate people of Afghanistan. It has been four...

Labbaik’s Saad Rizvi is the new pawn of Gen Bajwa

It's no secret that Rawalpindi rules Pakistan through its ‘selected’ civilian proxies in Islamabad. And then there are pawns, who are bred upon extremist...

Manipur Ambush: China’s hand behind terrorists?

Incidents of terrorists ambushing security forces in India’s North East aren’t uncommon and nor does their barbaric practice of murdering security force personnel incapacitated...


Hindu temple looted & desecrated in Nawabshah, Sindh

An ancient Hindu temple in Sochi Pada, Tando Adam, District Nawabshah, has been desecrated, with thousands of rupees stolen. The incident occurred at the...

Centre issues first Indian citizenship certificates under CAA to 14 individuals

Over two months after notifying rules for the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), the Ministry of Home Affairs on Wednesday issued the first set of...

Iran backed Hezbollah attacks Shmona following Israeli strike killing Lebanese civilians

Hezbollah, a Lebanese militant group, launched a barrage of rockets into northern Israel's Shmona in response to an Israeli airstrike on the southern Lebanese...

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