Sindh: Hindus protest against recurring thefts in temples and lack of action from the police

hindu minority mistreated in Pak
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In a poignant display of frustration, Pakistan’s minority Hindu community gathered outside the Jhuddo Press Club in Mirpurkhas to protest against the perceived failure of the police to apprehend a bold gang of thieves. The protesters, carrying placards and banners, claimed that the Shiv Mahadev temple had been targeted three times in the past one-and-a-half months.

The demonstration unfolded as the community sought to draw attention to the recurring thefts as well as the apparent lack of action by local law enforcement. Chanting slogans against the police, the protesters informed the media that they had repeatedly alerted authorities about an unknown group of thieves who had broken into the temple multiple times, stealing gold jewelry, valuables, and antiques.

Despite lodging several complaints, the protesters expressed dissatisfaction, stating that the police had not taken notice of the crimes thus far. They demanded immediate action from the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Mirpurkhas and the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) to ensure the recovery of the stolen goods.

The demonstrators stressed the urgency of the situation and called on the police to not only arrest the criminals responsible for the thefts but also ensure they face appropriate legal consequences. The community’s protest highlights the need for swift and effective measures to address the security concerns of minority communities and protect places of worship. The minorities, especially Hindus have been primarily targeted because of different religion. The bigoted Islamists have in past vandalised and plundered temples in Pakistan. The incident is latest and underscores a need for urgent redressal of persecution of Hindus.

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