Wheat flour shortage in POJK sparks public outcry, warns of march to J&K

POJK protestors in Poonch (Photo: News Intervention)

In the region of Poonch, under Pakistan’s illegal occupation, residents took to the streets in a robust protest against the scarcity of wheat flour. During the demonstration, protesters demanded that if Pakistan could not provide an adequate supply of flour, they should be informed transparently. Furthermore, they warned that if their demands were not met, the people of Pakistan-occupied Poonch would march towards mainland Jammu and Kashmir.

It is noteworthy that there is growing discontent among the residents of Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir towards Pakistan, and some are considering looking towards the Line of Control. Additionally, people are exploring alternatives such as breaking the restrictions and purchasing goods from the Poonch city, located on the other side of the Line of Control, due to cheaper prices and better quality.

As the protest unfolded, demonstrators voiced their frustration over the flour shortage and highlighted the need for urgent attention to address this essential concern. The situation underscores the complexities and challenges faced by the people in this region, reflecting both economic and political dynamics that impact their daily lives.

Unveiling reality of Pakistani illegal occupation

Notably, people across POJK have raised the wheat flour scarcity issue many times. The protest regarding charter of Demands ensued for over month with unprecedented protest in POJK’s occupational history. It must be considered here that POJK is under illegal occupation of Pakistan since more than 75 years. To keep its control intact, Pakistan propagated misinformation that people in POJK were free while projecting independent J&K as under occupation of India. This notion was further strengthened by falsely accusing India of treating Kashmiris inhumanely. However, now in the age of social media, people of POJK realised that mainland J&K is thriving at an unprecedented rate with abundance of basic amenities of food, shelter, health and education. On the other hand, they were only plundered on the pretext of freedom and now leave everything, they don’t even have sufficient food.

As the reality is unveiling with each passing day, resentment is growing in the populace of POJK. They are now gradually realising that their safe, secure and pro-development future lies with India only.

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