U.P. police arrests Love Jihadi Sahajeb, posing as Rohan

love jihad
Sahajeb in police custody (Photo: Web)

In a startling revelation, a case of “Love Jihad” has surfaced in the Robertsganj Police Station area of Sonbhadra district,U.P. The incident, centered around the Kotwali police station area, unveils a tale of deceit, religious pressure, and alleged harassment for dowry.

The accused, identified as Sahajeb, strategically concealed his identity and initiated a relationship with a young woman residing in the Robertsganj area, Sonbhadra, posing as a Hindu named Rohan Rai. The relationship, fostered through social media, eventually culminated in marriage, with the unsuspecting victim later discovering the true identity of her Muslim husband.

After tying the knot, the young woman alleges that she faced not only harassment for dowry but also relentless pressure for religious conversion. Disturbingly, she claims to have received threats, including threats of murder, for resisting these coercive tactics.

Sahajeb arrested

Acting promptly on the victim’s complaint filed on February 29, the Robertsganj police conducted an investigation that led to the arrest of Sahajeb, also known as Rohan Rai. The police have registered a case under Section 416, 376, 498A, 506 IPC, along with Sections 3/4 of the Dowry Prohibition Act and Section 3/5(1) of the Uttar Pradesh Religious Conversion Act.

The victim, whose identity remains protected, courageously brought the case to light, recounting her ordeal with the accused. The arrest of Sahajeb marks a significant development in the case, and charges have been filed for further legal proceedings.

This incident highlights the broader societal concerns surrounding deceptive relationships, religious coercion, and harassment for dowry. Notably, many of the radicalised Islamist youth have been caught cheating on Hindu girls posing as Hindu in the past. Their real identity unveils either after marriage or sexual abuse of girls. Such cases of Love Jihad are on the rise in India and their happening with same procedures of concealing identity raises apprehensions towards a larger fanatic conspiracy against Hindu girls and women.

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