First Pass of the World Intelligence Network 5 to 7 Sigma Societies

Finishing the loose ends of this 84 “active” high-IQ society listing, this is article five of six with a first-pass analysis of the World Intelligence Network from claimed sigmas 5 to 7 (inclusive).  The World Intelligence Network was founded by one of the few ever-present personalities of the high-IQ international communities, Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis, who remains the President alongside Manahel Thabet as the Vice President. The first pass simply goes from the website links. The second pass looks through search engines. Thus, the first pass should be considered less reliable, though direct reportage of the status based only on the information from the link on the World Intelligence Network website. The second pass has found some societies to be active to different degrees and in interesting ways. Here goes:

At 5 sigma, the Mega Foundation Society of Gina LoSasso (Dr. Gina Langan) and Christopher Langan connects to a dead Facebook link. Thus, on the first pass alone, the Mega Foundation Society looks defunct. The OlympIQ Society of Evangelos Katsioulis connects to an internal World Intelligence Network website and seems functional. Presidents have been Evangelos Katsioulis and Thomas B. Its Vice presidents have been YoungHoon Bryan Kim, George Petasis, Jonas Högberg, and Jonathan Wai. Internet officers have been Evangelos Katsioulis and Jonas Högberg. Its membership officers have been Evangelos Katsioulis, Jonathan Wai, and Jan Willem Versluis.[1] The Pars Society of Baran Yönter leads to a dead website and looks defunct on the first pass. PolymathIQ Society of Ron Altmann seems defunct on the first pass. The Sigma V Society of Hindemburg Melão/Hindemburg Melao seems functional, though potentially paralytic with members including Hindemburg Melão Jr., Petri Widsten, Alexandre Prata Maluf, Rauno Lindström, Peter David Bentley, Bart Lindekens, Joachim Lahav, Marc Heremans, Staffan Svensson, Will Fletcher, Guilherme Marques dos Santos Silva, and Lloyd King. The Unicorn Society of Hindemburg Melão seems online, though potentially defunct, uncertain, on the first pass.

At 5.33 sigma, the Ultima Society of Ivan Ivec seems defunct on the first pass.

At 6 sigma, the Giga Society of Paul Cooijmans seems functional on the first pass with members including Andreas Gunnarsson, Thomas Wolf, Evangelos Katsioulis, Rick Rosner, Matthew Scillitani, Heinrich Siemens, Scott Ben Durgin/Scott Durgin, Dany Provost, and Rolf Mifflin, Paul John – possibly others. The Nano Society of Ivan Ivec seems defunct on first pass leading to a dead website. The Sigma VI Society of Hindemburg Melão seems online with unknown activity on the first pass with members and prospective members including Hindemburg Melão Jr., Petri Widsten, Alexandre Prata Maluf (Prospective member, wait for the new norm of the Sigma Test VI), and Peter David Bentley (Prospective member, wait for the new norm of the Sigma Test VI).

At 6.27 sigma, the One in Five Society of Huck Nembelton leads to a dead website and seems dead on the first pass. The Universal Genius Society (UNIGEG) of Brennan Martin leads to a dead link and appears defunct on first pass.

At 6.66 sigma, the Grail Society of Paul Cooijmans appears functional and inactive with a website on the first pass.

At 7 sigma, the Tera Society of R. Young of New Zealand on the first pass contains an active, functional website, i.e., seems non-defunct.

The sixth, of six, article(s) will cover these 5 to 7 sigma societies in more depth. Links will be provided to the other articles for ease and the summary statement on this research followed by a statement on the next set of research.

[1] The members include Dr. Evangelos G. Katsioulis, MD, MSc, PhD, Bart Miles, Laura N. Kochen, D.X.J., Christophe Dodos, Steve Schuessler, George Ch. Petasis, A.F., Jonas Högberg, Mari Takishita, J. W., Thomas B., Jan Willem Versluis, Alexander Prata Maluf, Dr. Christopher Philip Harding, Oliver Q., Wayne Zhang, Martin Tobias Lithner, Miguel Angel Soto-Miranda, M.D., Hever Horacio Arreola Gutierrez, Wang Peng, Takahiro Kitagawa, Andreas Andersson, Lee HanKyung, M.D., Julio Machado, Misaki Ota, Erik Hæreid, Santanu Sengupta, Qiao Hansheng, Dr. Benoit Desjardins, MD, PhD, Wen-Chin Sui, Yaron Mirelman, JMoriarty, Fan Yiwen, Zhibin Zhang (张智彬), Chen Anping, Dr. Yasunobu Egawa, Ph.D., Raymond Walbrecq, Junlong Li(李俊龙, Prof. Vernon M. Neppe MD, PhD, Nth Bar-Fields, Susumu Ota, Li Shimin, Marios Prodromou, Rickard Sagirbay, Dan Liu (刘丹), YoungHoon Bryan Kim (김영훈), W. C., Jo Christopher Montalban Resquites, Entemake Aman, Daniel Shea, Yaniv Hozez, Ζeu Ζoug(宗震), and Sio.

Its Subscribers are Gaetano Morelli, Anonymous O.S.2,  Anonymous O.S.3, Yi Junho, Frederick Goertz, Iakovos Koukas, Anonymous OS.007, Altug Alkan, James McBeath, Anonymous O.S.10, Anonymous O.S.11, Nikolaos Katevas MDs, BSc, MSc, PhDc, Jose Gonzalez Molinero, Frank Aiello, Watcharaphol Chitvattanawong (วัชรพล ชิตวัฒนวงษ์), and Sandra Schlick.

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Scott Douglas Jacobsen
Scott Douglas Jacobsen
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