A Review of the World Intelligence Network Sigma 1.33-3.07 Societies


The following looks at the listing of the 84 “active” high-IQ societies listed by the World Intelligence Network. Those with an interest in the more tedious stuff about various high-IQ societies may have a sliver of interest in this. So, it’s a “for what it’s worth” deal. The President of the World Intelligence Network is Evangelos Katsioulis and the Vice President/Vice-President is Manahel Thabet. Their publication was WIN ONE and became Phenomenon in the last couple of issues with editors Lord Graham Powell/Graham Powell and Krystal Volney. I will run through sigmas 1.33 to 4.8 in the listing in four articles, as some of the others were presented before at the proposed higher sigmas in a conversation with Christian Sorensen. Any stipulation of “defunct” comes from a search via the listings or open advertisements from the World Intelligence Network. That is to say, these amount to first passes on them. Please see the subsequent complementing articles for the second passes with the dominant search engine “[Society Name]” search, or a Google internet engine search. The first article will cover the first pass – this article – of 1.33 to 3.07 sigma with the second article covering the second pass of 1.33 to 3.07, and then the third and fourth articles covering the first and second passes of 3.07 to 4.8 sigma. All footnote information from the respective societies’ web domains and publicly available records.

Let’s begin:

At 1.33 sigma, UberMens Society appears defunct.

At 1.66 sigma, AtlantIQ of Beatrice Rescazzi and Moreno Casalegno appears defunct on an old site.[1],[2] The Cogito Society contains 56 members while existing entirely online as a Yahoo! private group.  The International High IQ Society of the late Nathan Haselbauer appears functional with approximately “30% of our members… from Europe, 30% from North America, 15% Asia, 10% South America, 10% Australia and 5% from Africa.” Haselbauer committed suicide. The OmIQamiSociety of Andrea Toffoli appears defunct. The Society for Intellectually Gifted Individuals with Disabilities of Nathaniel David Durham/Nate Durham with assistant Lyla Durham and members appears stagnant.[3] The VinCI Society of Lloyd King appears defunct.

At 1.87 sigma, Alta Capacidad Hispana (ACH) of Vicente Lopez Pena appears defunct [4]. The Deep Brain Society of Anna Maria Santoro and Vincenzo D’Onofrio has members Gianni Golfera, Felice Vinci, Jürgen Koller, Hernan Chang, Heidi Ursula Wallon Pizarro, Nicole Schneider, Haider Hussein Ali, Vincenzo Alfano, and Christian Sorensen.

At 2 sigma, the AtheistIQ Society of Robert Dawson seems defunct. The BPIQ Society of Kelly Dorsett seems defunct. The Encefálica Society of Luis Enrique Pérez Ostoa seems either defunct, paralytic, or reconfigured for another organization. The Gifted Artists Circle of Martin Tobias Lithner seems defunct. The Greatest Minds Society of Roberto A. Rodriguez Cruz seems newer and upcoming without formal status online. The High Potentials Society of Max Tiefenbacher seems functional with a large list of members.[5] The Ingenium Society of Martin Tobias Lithner seems newer and upcoming with a statement about the website coming online soon. The IQUAL Society of Gerasimos Papaleventis seems defunct. Mensa Society of Lancelot Ware and Roland Berrill seems highly functional and active under Björn Liljeqvist with 134,000+ members – far more than any other society known to me. The Mysterium Society of Greg A. Grove seems functional, though old, potentially paralytic. The Sigma II Society of Hindemburg Melão seems paralytic.

At 2.33 sigma, the Chorium Society of Paul Freeman seems defunct with a disabled website. The Elataneos Society of Andrés Gómez Emilsson seems defunct. Intertel of Ralph Haines seems functional and active. The Mind Society of Hernan R. Chang seems online while ambiguously functional, potentially paralytic.[6] The Top One Percent Society (TOPS) of Ronald K. Hoeflin appears longstanding and operational, potentially paralytic.[7] The UNIQ Society of Martin Tobias Lithner seems defunct.

At 2.6 sigma, the Colloquy Society of Julia Cachia seems functional, old, and presented relatively cleanly in spite of the age.[8] The Poetic Genius Society (PGS) of Greg A. Grove with membership manager Maurice Champagne appears functional and alive.[9]

At 2.66 sigma, the HispanIQ International Society (HIS) of Luis Enrique Pérez Ostoa seems defunct. At 2.66 sigma, the Infinity International Society (IIS) of Jeffrey Osgood appears, at its minimum, online with Adobe Flash.

At 2.73 sigma, the Cerebrals Society of Xavier Jouve appears defunct.

At 2.87 sigma, the EpIQ Society of Chris Chsioufis looks defunct. The ExactIQ Society of Patrick Kreander seems defunct. Neurocubo of Pedro Lσpez, Thomas Hally, Cisar Tomi, and Paul Laurent appears defunct.

At 3 sigma, Artifex Mens Congregatio of Robert Mestre, Walter VanHuissteden, and Fivos Drymiotis looks defunct. The CIVIQ Society of Evangelos Katsioulis looks functional while merged with the main World Intelligence Network web domain.[10] Its presidents have been Androniki Dalkavouki, Marc-André Groulx, Julie T., Irene Alexandra Taboada, Thomas B., Evangelos Katsioulis. Its vice presidents have been Marc-André Groulx, Evangelos Katsioulis, Isaac Ifrach, Étienne Forsström, Julie T., and Maria Claudia Faverio. Its web officers has been Evangelos Katsioulis, Chris Chsioufis, and Mári Donkers. Its membership officers has been Evangelos Katsioulis, Marc-André Groulx, Djordje Rancic, Karin Lindgren, and Michael Dempsey. the Sigma III Society of Hindemburg Melão looks functional online with sufficient membership while, potentially, paralytic (uncertain).[11]

At 3.07 sigma, the Genius Society of Hernan R. Chang looks defunct. The Glia Society of Paul Cooijmans looks functional with several hundred claimed members. The International Society for Philosophical Enquiries (ISPE) of Christopher Harding looks functional, longstanding, and active. The IQuadrivium Society of Karyn S. Huntting looks defunct. The LogIQ Society of Martin Tobias Lithner seems defunct. The Milenija Society of Ivan Ivec and Mislav Predavec may be defunct, though ambiguously. The One in A Thousand (OATH) of Ronald K. Hoeflin seems functional, potentially inactive.[12] The Triple Nine Society (TNS) of Richard Canty, Ronald Hoeflin, Ronald Penner, Edgar Van Vleck, and Kevin Langdon looks functional, longstanding, and active.

[1] Interestingly, the AtlantIQ group lists dead societies as follows:

  • Alta Capacidad Hispana
  • Elateneo/s
  • BPIQ Society
  • Epida Society
  • Colloquy
  • ExactIQ
  • Tenth Society
  • Bright Minds Society
  • Greatest Minds Society
  • Vinci Society
  • Sigma
  • Sigma III
  • Sigma Society V
  • Hellenicus
  • UberIQ
  • IIS
  • Ludomind
  • Pi Society
  • Platinum Society
  • Cerebrals
  • High Potentials Society
  • Mysterium Society
  • GLIA
  • Ingenium Society
  • LogIQ
  • Iquadrivium Society
  • Pars Society
  • UnIQ
  • HispanIQ International Society
  • Encefalica
  • Artistic Minds
  • EVANGELIQ Society
  • Episteme Club
  • PolitIQal Society
  • Secret High IQ Society
  • Chorium Society
  • Nano Society
  • IQual Society
  • PolymathIQ
  • Incognia
  • UltimaIQ
  • Neurocubo
  • Order of Imhotep
  • SophIQa
  • EliteIQ
  • Neutrino high IQ Society
  • Atheistiq Society
  • Noetiqus Society
  • Evolutioniq Society
  • EPL Society
  • The Athenian Society
  • Supernova Society
  • Intellectually Gifted with Disabilities
  • Orison-B High IQ Society
  • Icon High IQ Society
  • Thinkiq
  • Hypatian Society
  • Chaos IQ Society

*Or in an apparent coma for more than 5 years.

[2] Their listed members as follows:

President and Vice President

Beatrice Rescazzi, Graham Powell


Moreno Casalegno (Co-Founder)
Maria C. Faverio
Paul Freeman
Greg. A. Grove
Gaetano Morelli
Stan Riha
Vincenzo D’Onofrio 
Giulio Zambon
Fernando Barbosa Neto
Alan J. Lee
Robert Birnbaum
Jacqueline Slade
Richard Stock
Greg Collins
Torbjørn Brenna
Noriyuki Sakurai
Zachary Timmons
Phil Elauria
Andrea Toffoli
Marios Prodromou
Duc Hong Le
Gianmarco Bartellone
[Omitted by request]
Michael Thrasher
José Gonzàles Molinero
Mick Pletcher
Richard Szary
José Serrano
Pamela Staschik-Neumann
Nuno Baptista
Adam Kisby
Andrea Gelmetti
Faisal Alfagham فيصل الفغم
Gustavo Fabbroni
Shaun Sullivan
Gerasimos Politis
Gavan Cushnan
Pietro Bonfigli
Djordje Rancic
Jon Scott Scharer
Roberto A. Rodriguez
Jesse Wilkins
Rajiv Kutty
Nomar Alexander Noroño Rodríguez
Scott Poh
Miroslaw Zajdel
Stephen Getzinger
Nancy Vanstone
Guillaume Chanteloup
Karin Lindgren
Gary Song
Lim Surya Tjahyadi
Paul Laurent
Eric Anthony Trowbridge
Niels Christoffers
Michelle Anne Bullas
Jeffrey Lee Graham
Tahawar Ali Khan
Yuri Tovar
Jason Oliver
Jarl Victor Bjørgan
Bradley Hutchinson
Donald M. Fell
Gwyneth Wesley Rolph
Vicente Lopez Pena
Rudolf Trubba    
Barry Beanland
Morie Janine Hutchens
Keegan Ray McLoughlin
Hever Horacio Arreola Gutierrez
Michael Backer, Jr
Aman Bagaria  
Selim Şumlu
David Gordon Little
Victor Hingsberg
Anthony Lawson
Beau D. Clemmons
R. K.
Alberto Bedmar Montaño
Paul Stuart Nachbar
Jim Lorrimore
Jakub Oblizajek
Gabriel Sambarino
Tony Lee Magee
Dorian Forget
Tom Högström
Elizabeth Anne Scott
Michael Donoho
Ernest Williamson III
Nicole Mathisen
Katarina Vestin
Christine Van Ngoc Ty
Jason Betts
Yu-Lin Lu
Nikolaos Solomos
Gracia Cornet
Richard Painter
Wyman Brantley
Yao Xu
Kevin James Daley
Stephen Maule
Birgit Scholz
Leif E. Ågesen
Mohammed Al Sahaf
Martin Murphy
Samuel Mack-Poole
Vuk Mircetic
Peter Radi
Marcin Kulik
Harold Ford
Thomas G. Hadley
Miguel Soto
Göran Åhlander
Evangelos Katsioulis
Anja Jaenicke
Roy Morris
Slava Lanush
Frank J. Ajello
Nicolò Pezzuti
James Dorsey
Massimo Caliaro
Michael Tedja
John Argenti
Therese Waneck
Bo Østergaard Nielsen
Sudarshan Murthy
Daniel Roca
Glikerios Soteriou
Kristina Thygesen
Miguel Jorge Castro Pinho
Tim G. Griffith
Claus Volko
Diego Iuliano
Elcon Fleur
Evan Tan
Dalibor Marinčić
Konstantinos Ntalachanis
Candy Chilton
​Diego Fortunati
WeiJie Wang
Alessia Iancarelli
Cristian Vaccarella
Iakovos Koukas
Filippo De Donatis
Richard Ball
Zhida Iiu
R. Kent Ouimette
Marina Belli
Karim Serraj
Kim Sung-jin
Juman Lee
Zhibin Zhang 张志彬
Andre Gangvik
Nikos Papadopoulos Παπαδόπουλος Νίκος
Jo Christopher M. Resquites
Ricky Chaggar
Félix Veilleux-Juillet
Michael Franklin
Michela Fadini
Fabrizio Fadini
​Fabrizio Bertini
Cosimo Palma
​Nobuo Yamashita 山下 伸男
Cristian Combusti
Mostafa Moradi
Xiao-ming CAI 蔡晓明
Fabio Castagna
Robert Hodosi
Francisco Morais dos Santos
Cynthia L. Miller
Hongzhe Zhang 张鸿哲
Serena Ramos
Nguyen Tran Hoai Thuong Nguyễn Trần Hoài Thương​
​Giuseppe Corrente
​Sergey Dundanov
Andrea Casolari
Anthony Brown
Veronica Palladino
​Yohei Furutono
Francesco Carlomagno
Emanuele Gianmaria Possevini
Joseph Leslie Jennings
Robin Lucas
Rosario Alessio Ronca
​Oliver Dammel
Javier Rio Santos
Sebastiao Borges Machado Junior
Agasi Pietro
Taddeucci Nicholas
Andre Massaro
Mika Korkeamäki
Tor Arne Jørgensen
Dario Casola
Federico Statiglio
Vincent Li 李宗泽
Jewoong Moon 문제웅
Annelie Oliver
Nitish Joshi
Christian Sorensen​
Simon Olling Rebsdorf
​Marzio Mezzanotte
Paolino Francesco Santaniello
Edwin P. Christmann
​Nicos Gerasimou

[3] Greg A. Grove, Shaughna Murphy, Annie Durham, Stanislav Hatala, John Russeell Sweeney, Millivent Y. Curtis, Maria Claudia Faveri, John Daniel Harrison, Robert Moore, Bruno Sampaio Alessi, Brian R. Johnson, Mary Britton, Masaki Yamauchi, Jeffery A. Mansfield, Peter Tyliszczak, Angela Johnson, Chris Mejo, Robert Dawson, Colin Aye, Bryan Sholtis, Cleo Love, Anders G. Hellstrom, Tracey Ward, Robbi Mounce, David Coldwell, Thomas Ossei, Issa Atoum, Clayton Michal Soucie, Katherine Linebaugh Elizabeth, Michael Rogers, Shaun Sullivan, Thomas J. Hally, Elizabeth Anne Scott, and Paul Nachbar.

[4] The members list included:

1.Vicente Lopez Pena(fundador y miembro)
2.John D. Harrison
3.Tomas Hally
4.Paulo Cancio
5.Hernan Chang
6.Juan Manuel Garcia
7.Angelica Partida
8.Michael F. Hensley
9.Javier Rio Santos
10.Pedro Lopez
11.Mark Taylor
12.Kevin Daley
13.Ujiwal Dey
14.Robert Mestre
15.Eduardo Gonzalez Ramirez
16.Miguel A. Gonzalez Rodrigo
17.Mauro Antonielli
18.Sergio Duarte da Silva
19.Angel Leonardo Dure
20.Antonio Rada
21.Luis Enrique Perez Ostoa
22.Masaaki Yamauchi
23.Maria Perez
24.Jose Benito Novoa
26.Arnold richenberger
27.Juan G. Navarro
28.Dario Maurizzio
29.Shinji Okazaki
30.Jose Gutierrez Saez de Castillo
31.Konstantinos Ntalachanis
32.Roxana de Leon
34.Maria Claudia Faveiro
35.Marios Prodromou
36.Gonzalo Sánchez Pla
38.Ryu Dong-Su
39.Alvaro Herrero
40.Min Kyung-Suk
41.Patricio A. Fort
42.A-Reum Park
43.Tayo Sandono
44.Afsin Saltik
46.Lia Rodbau
47.Álvaro Peral
49.Nomar A. Norono R.

[5] The website members as stated 06/2016:

Tiefenbacher, Dr. Max
Erhard, Stephanie
Pena, Vicente Lopez
Durham, Nate
Daley, Kevin James
Kisak, Paul F.
Rönnlund, Michael
Sowaidan, Walid
Debono, Jesmond
Beugekian, Simon
Natarajan, Kris
Des Bois, Louise
Politis, Gerasomos
Faverio, Maria Claudia
Katsioulis, Dr. Evangelos
Coimbra, Joao Rodrigo
Silva, Sergio
Corres, Javi
Gomes, Leonardo
Lindberg, Stefan
Kurcewicz, Mateusz
Dorsett, Kelly
Matera, Alberto
Wolok, Michael D.
Udbjorg, David
Matysiak, Mateusz
Albert, Frank
Yönter, Baran
Butters, James Joseph
Wee, Hubert
Antusch, Jan
Egetenmeier, Melanie
Giltinan, David
Donkers, Mari
Mannonen, Jukka
Kimura, Herbert
Gausdal, Jan Erik
Bernstein, Prof. Dr. Hans-Gert
Martin, Brennan
Westall, Christopher
Hess, Mike
Dimalaluan, Nileon Jr.
Rodop, Guner
Milgram, Danny
Scott, Shane M.D.
Brizel, Robert
Burman, Paul
Becker, Armin
Closson, Randall
Taylor, Dylan
Forsell, Kaj
Maitland, Patrick
Nikolakopoulos, Athanasios
Radovanovich, Stefan
J., B.
Harrison, John D.
Grove, Dr. Greg A.
Snauwaert, Jan
Dubois, Laurent
Schuler, Daniel
Sloan, Ryan
Johnson, John M.
Prokop, Jeff
Humenny, Michael J.
Fonseca, Eduardo
Riepe, Thomas
Hohenstein, Dr. Christian
Sadana, Dr. Nishant
Gersdorff, Christoph Freiherr von
Hensley, Dr. Michael
Raaberg, Henrik
Lindgren, Karin
Smith, Tommy
Nishikura, Tetsuji
Freeman, Christopher J.
Sanford, Shade H.
Lindekens, Bart
Putong Ariel R
McCollum, Larry J. Sr.
Anslan, Egert
Cruise, Norman
Carter, Marc
Yaegashi, Masaki
Whitley, Jeremy
Simoni, Romain
Barreiro, Zenaida Lima
Ifrach, Isaak
Sternhagen, Dr. Eick
Bulacik, Pawel
Alpi, Bruno
Harmer, Keith
Skyte, Gilad
Gounaris, Avraam C.
Gaur, Namit
Clark, William T.
Curtis, Millicent
Fassbender, Michael
Hingsberg, Victor
Walton, Larson
Thung, Lucas
Ferguson, Julie
Myers, Kenneth
Zukoski, Andrew
Offenwanger, David
Johnson, Brian R.
Castro, Miguel
Dempsey, Mick
Alessi, Bruno
Naether, Thomas
Butt, Kirk R.
Handyside, William
Abrams, Michael
Matuschka, Reinhard
Majoran, Stefan
Baumer, Stefan
Spiromitros, Christos
Andelic, Edin
Jaw, Wen Bin
Ksioufis, Chris
Kirkland, Russell
Heibult, Dan
Rich, Alan
S, B
Nittel, Jens
Yamauchi, Masaaki
Holler, David
Estrada, Xavier
Wolf, Andreas
Roach, Geoffrey Wayne
Forsström, Etienne
Galiardo, Christopher J. F.
Washburn, Monte C.
Matuschek, Dieter Wolfgang
Itikawa, Jackson
Vaswani, Ashish
Lion, Frederic
Gwinn, John
Paquin, Jean Philipp
Campbell, Mathew
Talbot, Glenn
Christensen, Allan
Gilkinson, Mike
Halder, Dr. Ralph
Tang, Warren
Apostolidis, Christos
Gut, Clemens
Mejo, Christopher Michael
Mayoral, Raul Godoy
Kisby, Adam William
Törnquist, Mattias
Estrada, Irene Alexandra Taboada
Iozzo, Vincenzo
Parkhurst, James
Mestre, Robert
de Vivie, Achim
Blais, Robert
Staschik Neumann, Pamela
Thomas, Brendon
Wong, Sharon
Tighe, Paul
Abala, Felipe C.
Sullivan, Shaun Patrick
Hellström, Anders
Dale, Robert B.
Boyens, Jason
Emilsson, Andres Gomez
Camperlino (Magnus), Alex
Mounce, Robbi
Atoum, Issa Ali
Patricio, Alexandra
Malory, Quinn
Ridpath, Mike
Petit, Alexis
Goertz, Frederick
Nygren, Kim
Wilson, David H.
Plischke, Raymond
Chondrobilas, Ioannis
van Huissteden, Walter
Drymiotis, Fivos
Chatzikyriakidis, Stergios
Scott, Elizabeth Anne
Gelsomino, Susan Nigro
Dunn, Etta
Linebaugh, Katherine E.
Andersen, Mads Holm
Belal, Zakariya
Hedgcoth, Clyde H.
?, Serge
Sekar, Gautham
Nacua, Edward S.
Curry, Wes
Payawal, John
Khanna, Romi
Jensen, Charlotte
Brand, Gregor
Lee, Albert
Dorsey, James
Rijing, Liu
Dalachanis, Konstantinos
Gomez, Ivan Suarez
Saltik, Afsin
Tay, Admund
Bellon, Gustavo
Santos, Javier Riu
Shroff, Shailendu
Lincoln, Jeffery
Balaram, Gautam
Desse, Didier
Perez, Cesar Lobo
Buckley, Jesse
Harbaugh, Luke
Ossel, Thomas
Jacobsen, Martin
Kissling, Christian
Melber, Felix
Östlin, Oscar
Albihn, Andreas
R., Andre
Lubkin, David
Frye, Andrew
Perez Artuso, Matias Exequiel
Cosby, Owen
Tokayer, Michael
Juarso, Andreas Edwin
Welch, Richard
Walendowski, George
Arvanitis, Christos
Partida, Angelica
Chesler, Norm
Basta, Osama
Sohl, Christian
Belluci, Damiano
Solis, Daniel
Antonielli, Mauro
Rogers, Amanda
van Kaathoven, Bram
Scherder, Hermann Michael
Kim, Peter S.
Zuber, Julia
Rodrigo, Miguel Angel Gonzalez
Grijalva, Sebastian
Jeremic, Igor
Meesomboon, Lisa
Münzinger, Patrick
Garcia, Christopher James
Miranda, Paul Laurent
Perez Ostoa, Luis Enrique
Lawson, Anthony
Weber, Joshua Jurgen
Okazaki, Shinji
Johnson, Cedric
Droege, Henning
Zhang, Ming
Anas, Hans Göran
Karakas, Okay
Vilar, Rolland
Piffer, Davide
Chan, Wing Chi
Prodromou, Marios
Gama, Joseph
Walter, Caroline
Pauzi, Mohd Faeiz
McGilvra, John
Martinez, John
Filinic, Marin
Andersson, Robert
Markovic, Allan
Hjort, Henrik
Pia, Gonzalo Sanchez
Marasigan, Ernie
Munn, Jason
Marasigan, Gerry
Yulug, Burak
Lisowski, Peter
Rangarajan, Sunder
Cruz, Justin M.
Saez, Jose Gutierrez
Castillo, Dennis Roldan A.
Marshall, James
Borges, Ricardo
Sandono, Tayo
Butt, Adil Suhail Rehman
Agesen, Leif E.
Norono, Nomar
Hacht, Dave
Kuhens, Sage
Zanero, Stefano
Zijlstra, Justin William
Murium, Mus
Lewkowicz, Jacek
Collin, Christoffer
Fernandez, Gonzalo Pena
Gonzalez, German
Choi, Perry
Provost, Dany
Rada, Antonio
Chatziargiriou, Anastasios
Hori, Yusaku
Petit, Alexis
Hunter, David
Zukowski, Mateusz
Barsky, David
Wilkens, Jesse
Kaspo, John
de Leon, Mae Ann
Shaikh, Ahsan Zaheer
Costa, Alexandre
Maule, Stephen
Ashfaq, Asais
Kortesaari, Tapio
Rangel, Eduardo
Argenti, Flor
Oliveira, Pedro
Zhang, Whayne
Ambrosini, Sanzio
Tomlinson, Joseph Anthony
Brown, Alex
Shelat, Dr. Amit Mahesh
Ton That, Thuy-Vi
Brenna, Torbjörn
Intriago, Jose Raul Alava
Banic, Luca
Lee, Alan
Molinero, Jose Gonzalez
Farmer, Adam
McShea, Patrick J.
Paredes, Silvana
Gonzalez, Carlos Oliver Alvarez
Fernandes, Marcelo Eyer
Maitla, Sunil
Mills, Josh
States, Tom
Rawat, Varun
Olsen, Ken
Pressi, Flo
Bakshi, Subir
Vanstone, Nancy
Jackson, Jay Aubrey
Stolze, Sebastian
Santos, Tiago
Barraza, Ignacio
Kärenlampi, Juho
Hostetler, Leon N.
Odtuhan, Victor
[Omitted by request]
Correnti, Eugenio
Marasigan, Virginia
Olson, Jorgen Rex
Sukhabut, Lulu
Gamo, Necie
Björgan, Jarl Victor
Sengupta, Santanu
Eriksson, Daniel
Horvat, David
Kruse, Bill
Magee, Tony Lee
Heffington, Philip
Serrano, Fernando Sanchez
Pant, Kripanshu
Senin, Harris
Flour, Jan
Das, Suman Gaurab
Bertes, Panagioitis
Liberatos, Erikos
Ouattou, Ali
Shimizu, Yoshiyuki
Koller, Dr. Jürgen
Thompson, Paul E.
Reitmaier, Eileen
Baptista, Nuno
Birnbaum, Robert
Montano, Alberto Bedmar
Starck, Juha
Sanchez, Vincente Fernandez
Ferraro, Joseph M.
Zaharescu, Andrei
Manthey, Karl
Solomon, Jennifer
Powell, Graham
Neto, Fernando Barbosa
Surian, Devon
Mezgec, Simon
van Duinen, Caleb
Freeman, Paul
Gadkari, Shantanu
Saginda, Baransel
Bühler, Olaf
Cruz, Kirsten M.
Ramos, Jhonata
Towensend, Dawn
Katainen, Lauri
Reitmaier, Karl G.
Rosales, Adams
Scholz, Birgit
Bodereau, Nicolas
Hancer, Murat
Ripa, Marco
Gao, Guohua
Marella, Mario
Ostergaard Nielsen, Bo
Rescazzi, Beatrice
Holmes, Deron K.
Elauria, Phil
Papaleventis, Gerasimos
Grieten, Christel
Darisetty, Srika
Baker, Michael
Glisic, Vedran
Marasigan, Paz
Dhamapurkar, Nikhil
Szary, Richard
Karpinski, Marty
Casalegno, Moreno
Davies, Paul
Qureshi, Pascale E.
Blazer, Harry
Hendzel, Kamil
Lithner, Tobias Martin
Polo Hernandez, Jose Antonio
Thrasher, Michael
AlenEinstjin, Chenwenjin
Timmons, Zachary Edward
LE, Duc Hong
Michelle Anne Bullas
Soygenis, Umit
Trubba, Rudolf
Toffoli, Andrea
Brown, Yvonne
Fabbroni, Gustavo
Vlad, Jipa
Beyer, Alex
Laurin, Etienne
Hopkins-Harrington, Cameron
Song, Gary
Milani, Giorgio
Cudnohosky, Amanda
Herkner, Alexander
Rodriguez, Roberto
Bennett, Landon T.
Beanland, Barry
Getzinger, Stephen
Tjahyadi, Lim Surya
Tovar, Juri
Andrews, Joseph
Sheremet, Cary
Bagaria, Aman
Clemmons, Beau
Hamade, Omar L.
Hutchens, Morie Janine
Goel, Akshay
Rolph, Gwyneth Wesley
Khan, Dr. Tahawar Ali
McLean, Kathryn
Ahlander, Goran
Xu, Yao
Lorrimore, James
Oblizajek, Jakub
Talvane da Silva, Willian
Aleixo, Joao
Högström, Tom
Little, Gordon
Logan, Khy Donovan
Quadir, Akshay
Morelli, Gaetano
Kostamo, Kimmo
Yu Lin, Lu
P. R.
Danker, Tilman
Ford, Harold
Fabella, Osrox
Di Fabio, Silvio
Sycinski, Rafal
Röpke, Gudrun
Buras, Jeremy
Humphrey, Jefferson Lee
Pisano, Anthony Daniel
Martinez, Jorge R.
Jimenez, Bulmaro
Aiello, Frank
Ebendt, Rüdiger
Lanush, Slava
Volko, Dr. Claus-Dieter
Pezzuti, Nicolo
Testerini, David
Bissonnette, Brett
Tedja, Michael
Reaves, Andrea
Sellen, Tonny
Murthy, Sudarshan
Lissner, Jonah
Torinus, Gregor
Ball, Richard
Wang, HongYan
Mwansa, Alex Bwalya
David, Anand
Kostrzewa, Dr. Frank
de Donatis, Filippo
Ouimette, Kent
Großmann, Klemens

[6] The members at present:

Clark Jarrett

Renaissance Society of Scholars

Susan L. Nigro


Divine Madness

The Geek Community

Chris Eichenberger

Sergio Silva

Martin M. Jacobsen, Ph.D.

Marios Prodromou

Morgan Hansen

Luis Enrique Pérez Ostoa

Pantelis Papageorgiou

Sage Kuhens

Robert Alan Riley

Katie Cesaro

Danny W. Corwin

Allan Derum

James Dorsey

Angel Duré

Thomas Hally

Luke Harbaugh

Charlotte D. Jensen

Okay Karakas

Pika Kofol

Ernie T.  Marasigan

Chris Nielsen

Dwight Payne

Sunder Rangarajan

Don Robinson

Robert Rose-Coutre

Tayo Sandono

Drew Sanner

Mark Taylor

Godfrey Turnbull

Reuben Villanueva

Nomar A. Noroño R.

Leif E. Agesen

Brett Bissonnette

Tapio Kortesaari

Brennan Martin

Evangelos Katsioulis

[7] The listed members’ links include the following:

The Mind Society


Albert Frank

Bill Bultas

Donna Blasor-Bernhardt

Frank M. Lopez

Susan L. Nigro

Ludomind Society

Genius Society

Don Stoner

Omega Society

Epimetheus Society

Chris Eichenberger

Divine Madness

Morgan Hansen

Sage Kuhens

Marzena A. Broel-Plater 

Brennan Martin

Martin T. Lithner

[8] Its member webpages as follows:

Julia   (JCC)

Andrea   (ALP)

Kevin, TimeLord   (KB)

William: African-American resource pages   (WRJ)

Eric: Tales of the Mine Country   (EM)

Laura   (LDL)

Kevin‘s Domain   (TM)

Ulf‘s Artwork … Read about the Greatest Geniuses of history.

Ed‘s Radio Resume  (ES)

Frank presents the Pragmatism of C. S. Peirce   (FPP)

Video Mike   (ME)

Bill: Website Kafejo   (WPP)

Alex   (TsC)

Derrick   (DPG)

Juan   (JRG)

Frank   (FT)

Mick   (MoR)

Carl   (CRS)

David   (DGH)

T.M. Lukas Hughes   (TLH)

Kate   (KJ)

Dan   (DLT)

Jeff   (J2K)

Ken   (KCB)

Yuri‘s photo   (YuM)

Olivier   (OCG)

James   (JLL)

Wyman   (JWB)

Christopher   (SeeWy)

Dana   (DM)

Steve   (KSH)

[9] Its member listing states:

Abbey Ebesu
Adam William Kisby
Albert Frank
Alex Burke
Alexander Herkner
Aline Richard Nagasawa
Allen Blocker
Andrew Ridge
Angela Hamilton
Anja Jaenicke
Ann Franklin
Anoohya Panidapu
Apoorva Panidapu
April Mae Berza
A.R. LaBaere
Barry Howard
Beatrice Rescazzi
Beau Clemmons
Brennan Martin
Brian R. Johnson
Brian Wengler
Bruce Wright
Bryan Sholtis
C.L Frost
Carole Fragoza
Chaim Horovits
Cheri Ramberg
Chew Kwee Tat
Chris Chsioufis
Chris Eichenberger
Christian Sohl
Christopher–Andrew Dzialo
Chukwuma Mbaeyi
Craig Harvey
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Phillips
Daniele Pinna
Darryl Goode
David Ellis
David Luedtke
David Udbjørg
Dawn Prince-Hughes
Derick Au
Don Ridgway
Don Rodrigues
Dr. Greg Grove
Dr. Hirsch Silverman
Dr. Jay Albrecht
Dr. John Dwyer
Dr. John L. Turner
Dr. Joseph Shaara
Dr. Martin M. Jacobsen
Dr. Maurice Champagne
Dr. Simon Olling Rebsdorf
Dusk Wilson-Weaver
Dylan Taylor
Eddie H. Meade
Edward Glomski
Edward K. Rydwelski, Jr., CFA
Elaine May Smith
Elizabeth Sagey
Elliot Siemon
Enigma Valdez
Erik Richardson
Etta Dunn
Evangelos Katsioulis
Fang Yuan
Fernando Sánchez Serrano
Fivos Drymiotis
Gary Tillery
George Kohlmeyer
George Petasis
George S.L. Bause, M.D
Gerald Bosacker
Gerald Creel
Gilad Skyte
Gina Page
Grant Fisher
Greg Roberts
Haakon Rian Ueland
Heather Ceana
Heidi-Maria Steinback Sørensen
Hernan R. Chang, M.D.
Ina Bendis
Ira Gibson
Irene Alexandra
Irene Theocharis
Isabel Saad
Issa Ali Atoum
J. Burke Bascom
J. David Mason, M.Eng.
Jack Orwant
Jacquelyn Naquin
James A Nichols
James DiVietri
James Harris
James Lemaman
James Rutherford
Jamie Gorsso
Javier Rio Santos
Javier Rios Santos
Jean-Marie Mathues
Jeff Leonard
Jeffery Alan Ford
Jeffery R. Simons
Jenifer Ann Zito
Jennifer Bochenek
Jesmond Debono
Jessica Spence
Jo Christopher Resquites, Engr.
Joel Gehrke
Joel Willis
Johan Kennebjörk
John Kormes
John Mossbacher
John Schiano
John Sweeney
Jonathan Berman
Jonathan Marin
Jonathan Shelly Baskin
Jorge González López
Jörgen Lornudd
José Manuel Aznar Baigorri
Joseph Byrne
Joseph Fitzgerald
Joshua Furnell
Julian Moore
Julie Ferguson
Julie Tai
Justin Stuart
Jyrki Leskelä
Kamil Hendzel
Karin Henderson
Karin Lindgren
Karl Lykken
Katherine Wetz
Kathleen Cesaro
Katrin McMullen
Keith Robertson
Kenneth Heaton II
Kevin Bullock
Kevin Greco
Kevin Skehan
Kimberly Halliday
Krysta Sutterfield
Laurence David Sumner
Lawrence Kent, Ph.D.
Lee Price
Limor Ostrowski
Lisa Carlin
Luca Poli
Lucas Thung
Manuel Cavazos
March Alpine
Marco Ripà
Maria C. Faverio
Mark Fusco
Mark Norman
Marko Ripá
Martha Mozingo
Martin Boutte
Martin Tobias Litner
Marybeth Mitcham
Mateusz Kurcewicz
Matthew Rees
Mayank Makhija
Melinda Frye
Merlin Carl
Meta Marie Griffin
Michael Zerger
Miguel Jorge Castro Pinho
Miguel Sánchez
Mike August
Monte C. Washburn
Muhamed Veletanlic
Neeraj Shaw
Neeshee Pandit
Neil Z. Miller
Ngoc Nguyen
Nipun Kumar
Nisheeth Srivastava
Noriyuki Sakurai
Oliver Alvarez
Patricia Ferguson
Patrick J McShea |||
Patrick Joseph O’Connor
Paul Kisak
Paul Maxim
Paul Nachbar
Paul Payton
Paul Roe
Peter Donald Rodgers
Peter Ingestad
Peter Michalak
Peter Roy
Philip Bateman
Philip Heffington
Philip Huffington
Rachel Raleigh
Rebecca Hall
Richard Barrett
Richard M. Riss
Rikin Shah
RoAnna Mitchell
Robbi Mounce
Robert A. Riley
Robert Dawson
Robert John Mestre
Robert Thompson
Roberta Mendelson
Robin Hammer
Russell Wright
Ryan Jackson
Ryan Sloan
Ryan T. Mullen
Ryan Vaughn
S.L. MacNiven
Sahil Moza
Santanu Sengupta
Sean Clark
Shankar Ananth
Shannon Smith
Scary Quinn
Sriram Balasubramanian
Stefan Lindberg
Stephen Allan Murray
Stephen Buhner
Stevan Damjanovic
Suraj Shinde
Surendra Bansal
Susan Chen
Susan Nigro Gelsomino
Therese Waneck
Thom Hadley
Thomas B.
Thomas Hally
Dr. Tine Wilde
Tommy Smith
Tommy Upshaw
Torbjoern Brenna
Trent Cross
Tricia Ferguson
Trivik Bhavnani
Tuuli Jokivartio
Tyler Jackson
Uros Petrovic
Wallace W. Rhodes, Ph.D.,P.E.
Wayne Guy Butterfield
Wei Liu
Will Weatherly
William Clark
Xinyao Liu
Yechiel Mann
Zack Timmons
Zakariya Belal

[10] Its subscribers as follows:

Anonymous C.S.001

Ashraya Ananthanarayanan

Tor Arne Jørgensen

[11] Its membership listing states the following:

 001 Hindemburg Melão Jr.
 002 Petri Widsten
 003 Alexandre Prata Maluf
 004 Peter David Bentley
 005 Rauno Lindström
 006 Bart Lindekens
 007 Joachim Lahav
 008 Marc Heremans
 009 Staffan Svensson
 010 Will Fletcher
 011 Marko Korkea-Aho
 012 Kevin Yip
 013 Kristian Heide
 014 Patrick Allain
 015 Muhamed Veletanlic
 016 Albert Frank
 017 Enrico di Bari
 018 Richard Crago
 019 José Antonio Francisco
 020 Brian Daniel Appelbe
 021 Reinhard Matuschka
 022 Emilio López Aliaga
 023 Donald A. Martin Jr.
 024 Gustavo Marcel Borges Monzon
 025 Daniel Lapointe
 026 Herbert Kimura
 027 Tetsuji Nishikura
 028 Mikael Andersson 
 029 Marc Fauvel
 030 Christian Hohenstein
 031 Anton Nadilo
 032 Dieter Wolfgang Matuschek
 033 Michael F. Hensley
 034 Dylan Taylor
 035 William T. Clark
 036 Esko Härkönen
 037 Matthew James Reginald Wright
 038 Evangelos Georgios Katsioulis
 039 David Udbjorg
 040 Tuija Kervinen
 041 Rafael Zakowicz
 042 Geoff Rabeau
 043 Francisco Javier Corres Achaga
 044 Darko Djurdjic
 045 Guilherme Marques dos Santos Silva
 046 Lloyd King
 047 Juha Varis
 048 Ulf Westerlund
 049 Marcelo Penido Ferreira da Silva

[12] Members’ links listed as follows:

The Mind Society


Bill Bultas

Donna Blasor-Bernhardt

Frank M. Lopez

Wyman Brantley

Ludomind Society

Genius Society

Introspective High IQ Society

Don Stoner

Chris Eichenberger

Omega Society

Epimetheus Society

Camp Archimedes

Jennifer Dziura

Divine Madness

Greg Holland

Sage Kuhens

Jeff Christopher Leonard

Brennan Martin

Robert Rose-Coutré

Photo by Maxime VALCARCE on Unsplash


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