World Intelligence Network Sigma 1.33-3.07 Societies “Second Pass”


This amounts to the second pass of the listed 84 “active” high-IQ societies from the World Intelligence Network between sigmas 1.33 and 3.07, as the second article. The presentation is cleaner or more polished than the first pass. As noted before, “Those with an interest in the more tedious stuff about various high-IQ societies may have a sliver of interest in this.” To those who may not know, or who have an interest and some knowledge while lacking information here, the President of the World Intelligence Network is Evangelos Katsioulis and the Vice President/Vice-President is Manahel Thabet. Their publication was WIN ONE and became Phenomenon in the last couple of issues with editors Lord Graham Powell/Graham Powell and Krystal Volney. The first pass covered the links provided on the listing. Some were labelled “defunct” based on the “first pass” of the examination. This “second pass” will look further into the potential “defunct” status merely equating to a ‘defunct’ status, as in the links failed to work on the listing while the high-IQ society appears functional and active. All footnote information from the respective societies’ web domains and publicly available records. As it stands, the first pass information shows active, functional, and/or longstanding high-IQ societies in the following manner between sigmas 1.33 and 3.07:

The Cogito Society contains 56 members while existing entirely online as a Yahoo! private group…

…The International High IQ Society of the late Nathan Haselbauer appears functional with approximately “30% of our members… from Europe, 30% from North America, 15% Asia, 10% South America, 10% Australia and 5% from Africa”…

…The Deep Brain Society of Anna Maria Santoro and Vincenzo D’Onofrio has members Gianni Golfera, Felice Vinci, Jürgen Koller, Hernan Chang, Heidi Ursula Wallon Pizarro, Nicole Schneider, Haider Hussein Ali, Vincenzo Alfano, and Christian Sorensen…

…Mensa Society of Lancelot Ware and Roland Berrill seems highly functional and active under Björn Liljeqvist with 134,000+ members – far more than any other society known to me…

…The High Potentials Society of Max Tiefenbacher seems functional with a large list of members…

…Intertel of Ralph Haines seems functional and active…

…The Top One Percent Society (TOPS) of Ronald K. Hoeflin appears longstanding and operational, potentially paralytic…

…the Colloquy Society of Julia Cachia seems functional, old, and presented relatively cleanly in spite of the age. The Poetic Genius Society (PGS) of Greg A. Grove with membership manager Maurice Champagne appears functional and alive…

…The CIVIQ Society of Evangelos Katsioulis looks functional while merged with the main World Intelligence Network web domain. Its presidents have been Androniki Dalkavouki, Marc-André Groulx, Julie T., Irene Alexandra Taboada, Thomas B., Evangelos Katsioulis. Its vice presidents have been Marc-André Groulx, Evangelos Katsioulis, Isaac Ifrach, Étienne Forsström, Julie T., and Maria Claudia Faverio. Its web officers have been Evangelos Katsioulis, Chris Chsioufis, and Mári Donkers. Its membership officers have been Evangelos Katsioulis, Marc-André Groulx, Djordje Rancic, Karin Lindgren, and Michael Dempsey…

…The Glia Society of Paul Cooijmans looks functional with several hundred claimed members. The International Society for Philosophical Enquiries (ISPE) of Christopher Harding looks functional, longstanding, and active…

… The Triple Nine Society (TNS) of Richard Canty, Ronald Hoeflin, Ronald Penner, Edgar Van Vleck, and Kevin Langdon looks functional, longstanding, and active.

The defunct societies at 1.33 to 3.07 sigma of the World Intelligence Network based on the first pass, as follows:

the UberMens Society appears defunct…

…AtlantIQ of Beatrice Rescazzi and Moreno Casalegno appears defunct on an old site…

…The OmIQamiSociety of Andrea Toffoli appears defunct…

…The VinCI Society of Lloyd King appears defunct…

…Alta Capacidad Hispana (ACH) of Vicente Lopez Pena appears defunct…

…the AtheistIQ Society of Robert Dawson seems defunct…

…The BPIQ Society of Kelly Dorsett seems defunct…

…The Encefálica Society of Luis Enrique Pérez Ostoa seems either defunct, paralytic, or reconfigured for another organization…

…The Gifted Artists Circle of Martin Tobias Lithner seems defunct…

…The IQUAL Society of Gerasimos Papaleventis seems defunct…

…the Chorium Society of Paul Freeman seems defunct with a disabled website. The Elataneos Society of Andrés Gómez Emilsson seems defunct…

…The UNIQ Society of Martin Tobias Lithner seems defunct…

…the HispanIQ International Society (HIS) of Luis Enrique Pérez Ostoa seems defunct…

…the Cerebrals Society of Xavier Jouve appears defunct…

…the EpIQ Society of Chris Chsioufis looks defunct. The ExactIQ Society of Patrick Kreander seems defunct. Neurocubo of Pedro Lσpez, Thomas Hally, Cisar Tomi, and Paul Laurent appears defunct…

…Artifex Mens Congregatio of Robert Mestre, Walter VanHuissteden, and Fivos Drymiotis looks defunct…

…the Genius Society of Hernan R. Chang looks defunct. The IQuadrivium Society of Karyn S. Huntting looks defunct. The LogIQ Society of Martin Tobias Lithner seems defunct.

The ambiguous, upcoming, or paralytic status societies at 1.33 to 3.07 sigma of the World Intelligence Network based on the first pass, as follows:

…The Society for Intellectually Gifted Individuals with Disabilities of Nathaniel David Durham/Nate Durham with assistant Lyla Durham and members appears stagnant…

…The Encefálica Society of Luis Enrique Pérez Ostoa seems either defunct, paralytic, or reconfigured for another organization…

…The Greatest Minds Society of Roberto A. Rodriguez Cruz seems newer and upcoming without formal status online. The Ingenium Society of Martin Tobias Lithner seems newer and upcoming with a statement about the website coming online soon…

…The Mysterium Society of Greg A. Grove seems functional, though old, potentially paralytic…

…The Sigma II Society of Hindemburg Melão seems paralytic…

…The Mind Society of Hernan R. Chang seems online while ambiguously functional, potentially paralytic…

…the Infinity International Society (IIS) of Jeffrey Osgood appears, at its minimum, online with Adobe Flash…

…The Sigma III Society of Hindemburg Melão looks functional online with sufficient membership while, potentially, paralytic (uncertain)…

…The Milenija Society of Ivan Ivec and Mislav Predavec may be defunct, though ambiguously.

All footnotes contained in the first pass article on the 1.33 to 3.07 sigma societies. Here, some further exploration on the defunct societies to examine if these societies suffice for “defunct” status or not. These include the UberMens Society, AtlantIQ, the OmIQamiSociety, the VinCI Society, Alta Capacidad Hispana (ACH), the AtheistIQ Society, the BPIQ Society, the Encefálica Society, the Gifted Artists Circle, the IQUAL Society, the Chorium Society, the Elataneos Society, the UNIQ Society, the HispanIQ International Society (HIS), the Cerebrals Society, the EpIQ Society, the ExactIQ Society, Neurocubo, Artifex Mens Congregatio, the Genius Society, the IQuadrivium Society, and the LogIQ Society.

On the UberMens Society, in a search, the two main resources in reference to the UberMens Society are the World Intelligence Network and the first article entitled “A Review of the World Intelligence Network Sigma 1.33-3.07 Societies.”

On AtlantIQ, it appears to have a Facebook page named after it. It does, in fact, have a functional site with several thousand web domain visits. It self-describes, “AtlantIQ Society was founded with the purpose of bringing together high IQ people (in the top 5% – minimum of 125 IQ, SD 15), who show special skills in the field of art and science, and have an interest in pursuing intellectual challenges.” It has a number of tests accepted for membership. They have LEONARDO Magazine and AtlantIQ for UNICEF, and some other internal resources. AtlantIQ can be considered first pass defunct and second pass functional.

On OmIQamiSociety, it is listed on the World Intelligence Network with a further search with the descriptor:

The omIQami is an international online no-profit “Knowledge & high IQ” society founded on May.10.2010 by Andrea Toffoli with the aim of giving informations about Japanese culture and gathering two kind of people:

* Qualified people with an high IQ (intelligence quotient) involved or interested in Japanese studies and culture.

* Japanese people with an high IQ (intelligence quotient) and connoisseur of their culture.

The society name is a word play making use of the Japanese word Omikami (great God), generally used to qualify the Shintoist Goddess Amaterasu (patron of Yamato clan), and the acronym IQ (intelligence quotient).

Unfortunately, the website appears the same and the defunct status seems consistent across searches for it. OmIQamiSociety can be considered first pass and second pass defunct.

On the VinCI Society, it appears to have a number of links containing its name while the links appear to indicate, upon further investigation, a defunct status. Thus, the VinCI Society seems first pass defunct and second pass defunct.

On Alta Capacidad Hispana (ACH), it appears to have a second statement or webpage within the web domain of the World Intelligence Network. However, upon further review of the page and its further links, the Alta Capacidad Hispana is defunct. Therefore, the Alta Capacidad Hispana seems first pass and second pass defunct.

On the AtheistIQ Society, upon further examination of the links and descriptors available on websites, it seems defunct. Hence, the AtheistIQ Society is first pass and second pass defunct.

On the BPIQ Society, it exists on an individuated webpage on the World Intelligence Network web domain. It states:

The name of the society is derived from “BiPolar IQ”, and the logo is a partial ambigram of the four letters BPIQ.

BPIQ was founded on July 21st 2005 and there are currently 22 active members.

To become a member of the society, you must have a serious psychological condition, plus be able to provide proof of an IQ at the required level, either via a supervised test, or via one of the approved on-line tests. This society is also open to high IQers who have family members with psychological complications, or family members that are involved in the field of psychology.

BPIQ was designed to support people with a high IQ who have BiPolar, Schizophrenic and other major psychological conditions. We discuss art, writing, music, ideas and aide one another. We are here to educate, relate and provide unimpeded feedback. It is a somewhat private group because we do not list our members’ names. There is no fee for membership.

However, the listing appears to indicate a dead status with deceased links. Thus, the BPIQ Society seems first pass and second pass defunct.

On the Encefálica Society, it comes to one main link leftover on the World Intelligence Network website with the statement, “Spanish speaking international High IQ society founded by Louis Enrique Pérez Ostoa in 2006.” On first pass and second pass, Encefálica Society appears defunct.

On the Gifted Artists Circle, with further research, it appears on first pass and second pass defunct without doubt.

On the IQUAL Society, on first pass and second pass, it appears defunct.

On the Chorium Society, it has a webpage on the World Intelligence Network web domain separated for it. The page describes:

Chorium was founded to promote intellectual engagement among musicians. Members come from all fields of work and study to contribute to an egalitarian atmosphere of meaningful debate on musical ideas.

Membership Requirements:

Standard I.Q. Test on website
Musical I.Q. Test on website
Membership of any other high I.Q. society at 99 percentile and above.
Evidence of musical ability and/or affiliation to any music school/conservatoire

Unfortunately, with the links and other searches, on first pass and second pass, the IQUAL Society seems defunct.

On the Elataneos Society, on the first pass and second pass, it appears defunct.

On the UNIQ Society, it has one page available on the World Intelligence Network web domain. It states:

Uniq Society was founded in 2009 and went online on 1/1/10. Uniq is looking for the truly creative genius, the composer, the scientist, the writer. UNIQ society was founded with the aim of bringing intelligent individuals together to express creativity, share ideas and to be able to discuss openly various topics without any restrictions. Uniq Society has its own magazine, Charta Ingeniosus, which is created by the members. The magazine is also for the members of Ingenium HIQS and Logiq Society.

To become a member of Uniq, you must provide evidence of an IQ at or above the 99th percentile, this corresponds to an IQ of 135 (SD=15) / 137 (SD=16), Sigma 2.31. Uniq accepts standardized and high-range IQ tests.

On other considerations apart from this descriptor, the UNIQ Society appears defunct on the first pass and the second pass.

On the HispanIQ International Society (HIS), it has some listing information on the web, e.g., the AtlantIQ Society provides a listing of its own considerations of defunct societies. The World Intelligence Network statement, as follows, “Spanish speaking international High IQ society founded by Louis Enrique Pérez Ostoa in 2007.” On first pass and second pass, the HispanIQ International Society appears defunct.

On the Cerebrals Society, in its day, it looked like a highly active and functional society. Now, it appears defunct on the first pass and the second pass.

On the EpIQ Society, it appears on the first pass defunct. However, there does appear a functional website. Its website states, “Welcome to the ePiq IQ society whose main goal is to bring together intelligent people from all around the globe. It is widely known that there are many web based IQ societies on the internet and that many of them require money for membership. Becoming a member in our society is free. We accept anyone who has a score at or above the 99.8th percentile on one or more of our accepted tests.” The World Intelligence Network provides another statement on its individuated web page within the web domain for the World Intelligence Network. It states, “ePiq Society was founded in 2003 and is an IQ society which has, as its main purpose, the idea of bringing together intelligent people from all around the globe.” On the second pass, the EpIQ Society appears non-defunct or functional and active.

On the ExactIQ Society, as with the others, the links express a defunct status, while the individual pages of the World Intelligence Network provide another descriptor. These apparent contradictory statuses need correction within the World Intelligence Network. Its statement:

The exactiq society is for people who share a passion for spatial puzzles and IQ tests; exactiq does not put so much emphasis on percentiles or normings, but a basic understanding of spatial logic is needed in order to join. Its main purpose is to gather people who enjoy spatial IQ tests, so that they can become acquainted with other people’s tests, and challenge their buddies via new, up-and-coming puzzles.

The exactiq society values creativity and design, as well as strict, but abstract, logic. In exactiq you will get to know many spatial puzzle designers who will give you a helping hand if you decide to create some puzzles of your own. If you like friendly competition and spending a good time with spatial logic, exactiq is for you.

Qualifying tests can be those spatial tests which have had at least 50 submissions. Currently we accept:
Logima Strictica 36 (1st raw score: 14 and 2nd raw score:16)
Logicaus Strictimanus 24 (1st raw score: 5 and 2nd raw score:7)
Simplex (1st balanced score: 5 and 2nd balanced score: 6)

Unfortunately, as with the mass of the others, in the midst of the war with time, it appears defunct on both the first pass and the second pass.

On Neurocubo, it acquires some references in websites without much status otherwise. The first pass and second pass seem to indicate defunct status of Neurocubo.

On Artifex Mens Congregatio, it is listed on an individuated page on the World Intelligence Network. It states:

The Artifex Mens Congregatio (Artistic Minds Society) was founded in 2006 by Robert Mestre, Walter VanHuissteden and Fivos Drymiotis in an effort to create a forum bringing together in friendship and community artistic individuals from all over the globe. We would like to attract members interested in philosophy, science, poetry, art and puzzle design. There is no fee to join the society. To become a member you must have a score at or above the 99.87 % (IQ 145 SD 15, 148 SD 16 or 172 SD 24), on at least one of our accepted tests.

Artifex Mens Congregatio appears defunct or stagnant on the first pass and the second pass, as a website exists merely listing the logo and site statistics.

On the Genius Society, no clear listing appears present. Thus, the first pass and second pass seem to note a defunct status.

On the IQuadrivium Society, the World Intelligence Network contains an individual web page with the following description:

IQuadrivium is a high-IQ society, similar in a way to Mensa. However, where Mensa’s entry level requirement is a score on a standardized intelligence test at or above the 98th percentile (1 in 50) of the general population, ours is a score at or above the 99.9th percentile (1 in 1,000).

The IQuadrivium Society was founded in February, 1994 by Karyn S. Huntting. At the time, she was the youngest person in history to found a High IQ Society, as well as the world’s only female High IQ Society founder.

The first official member of the IQuadrivium Society was Dr. Ronald K. Hoeflin, author, philosopher, and founder of the Prometheus and Mega Societies.

It appears to have paralytic Twitter account, Facebook page, and Facebook group. It may have moved to social media presence only, where this would mean active. Whereas, if not, it would be defunct. However, given a number of members stated on the Facebook group and some online presence, the first pass is defunct and the second pass is either defunct or paralytic with a smaller possibility of activity.

On the LogIQ Society, the World Intelligence Network individual web page states:

LOGIQ society was founded in January 2010. LOGIQ Society is a high IQ society open to individuals with an IQ score at or above the 99.9th percentile (IQ 146 sd15, IQ 149 sd16) on a standardized or high-range test. The main goal of the Logiq Society is to bring together highly intelligent people to discuss various topics and to take part in tests, puzzles, art and poetry. Logiq Society has a variety of tests that can be taken for free inside the society.

Logiq Society members can also contribute to the society magazine Charta Ingeniosus by sending in articles, artwork etc. All the content is created by the Ingenium HIQS, Uniq and Logiq Society members.

Outside of this, no references appear clear. The LogIQ Society appears first pass and second pass defunct.

With this, the societies with an apparent online presence and some marginal to highly active functionality are the following societies based on a first pass and second pass evaluation of the World Intelligence Network 1.33 to 3.07 sigma societies:

  • The Cogito Society[1]
  • The International High IQ Society[2]
  • The Deep Brain Society[3]
  • Mensa Society[4]
  • The High Potentials Society[5]
  • Intertel[6]
  • The Top One Percent Society (TOPS)[7]
  • The Colloquy Society[8]
  • The CIVIQ Society[9]
  • The Glia Society[10]
  • International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE)[11]
  • The Triple Nine Society (TNS)[12]
  • The AtlantIQ Society[13]
  • The EpIQ Society[14]
  • The IQuadrivium Society[15]

15 societies from sigma 1.33 to 3.07 based on the World Intelligence Network listing appear active. Other considerations can change the degree and the listing here. However, these 15 appear active or worth some exploration as an individual effort of prospective society searchers, where this “individual effort” can be considered the third pass. The original number, to be clear, from the 1.33 to 3.07 sigma societies was 45 societies, i.e., 15 out of 45 made the cut/30 out of 45 did not make it. In other words, the tendency in the high-IQ communities in this preliminary analysis is a significant trend towards the creation of graveyards. This is a self-made reckoning of the high-IQ societies ranging from 1.33 to 3.07 sigma. This may or may not replicate at the higher sigmas.

The other societies noted at the outset with ambiguous status may come online as newer societies or may resurrect from apparent paralytic status:

  1. The Society for Intellectually Gifted Individuals with Disabilities of Nathaniel David Durham/Nate Durham with assistant Lyla Durham.
  2. The Encefálica Society of Luis Enrique Pérez Ostoa.
  3. The Greatest Minds Society of Roberto A. Rodriguez Cruz.
  4. The Mysterium Society of Greg A. Grove.
  5. The Sigma II Society of Hindemburg Melão.
  6. The Mind Society of Hernan R. Chang.
  7. the Infinity International Society (IIS) of Jeffrey Osgood.
  8. The Sigma III Society of Hindemburg Melão.
  9. The Milenija Society of Ivan Ivec and Mislav Predavec.

Thus, we can consider first pass defunct and second pass defunct 21 societies of 45 between sigmas 1.33 and 3.07 of the World Intelligence Network with 9 of 45 in an apparent paralytic state, while 15 have a range of functionality, activity, i.e., non-defunct status based on first pass and second pass review. Even with those 15, some may, in fact, have an online listing while being truly defunct if a more robust and comprehensive third pass analysis went forth. The next articles will review sigmas 3.17 to 4.08 of the World Intelligence Network listing of “84” active high-IQ societies.

[1] 57 members stated without public listing.

[2] Unknown membership numbers and listing.

[3] Membership listing of Anna Maria Santoro (Executive Editor, and Vice President and Founder) and Vincenzo D’Onofrio (President and Founder) has members Gianni Golfera (Honorary Member), Felice Vinci (Honorary Member), Jürgen Koller, Hernan Chang, Heidi Ursula Wallon Pizarro, Nicole Schneider, Haider Hussein Ali, Vincenzo Alfano, and Christian Sorensen. A scientific board of Dr. Rocco Santarelli, M.D. psychiatrist and psychotherapist, and Dr. Mirella Tenaglia psychologist and psychotherapist. Listed in memory of: Carlo D’Onofrio, Andrea Golfera, and Piergiorgio Data.

[4] More than 134,000 members. Krs Escobar, Elissa Rudolph, Bibiána Balanyi have been president; and Björn Liljeqvist is president.

[5] The website members as stated 06/2016: Dr. Max Tiefenbacher, Stephanie Erhard, Vicente Lopez Pena, Nate Durham, Kevin James Daley, Paul F. Kisak, Michael Rönnlund, Walid Sowaidan, Jesmond Debono, Simon Beugekian, Kris Natarajan, Louise Des Bois, Gerasomos Politis, Maria Claudia Faverio, Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis, MsMariel, Joao Rodrigo Coimbra, Sergio Silva, Javi Corres, Leonardo Gomes, Stefan Lindberg, Mateusz Kurcewicz, Kelly Dorsett, Alberto Matera, Michael D. Wolok, David Udbjorg, Mateusz Matysiak, Frank Albert, Baran Yönter, James Joseph Butters, Hubert Wee, Jan Antusch, Melanie Egetenmeier, David Giltinan, Mari Donkers, Jukka Mannonen, Herbert Kimura, Jan Erik Gausdal, Prof. Dr. Hans-Gert Bernstein, Brennan Martin, Christopher Westall, Mike Hess, Nileon Dimalaluan, Jr., Guner Rodop, Danny Milgram, Shane Scott, M.D., Robert Brizel, Paul Burman, Armin Becker, Randall Closson, Dylan Taylor, Kaj Forsell, Patrick Maitland, Athanasios Nikolakopoulos, Stefano Radovanovich, J., B., John D. Harrison, Dr. Greg A. Grove, Jan Snauwaert, Laurent Dubois, Daniel Schuler, Ryan Sloan, John M. Johnson, Jeff Prokop, Michael J. Humenny, Eduardo Fonseca, Thomas Riepe, Dr. Christian Hohenstein, Dr. Nishaut Sadana, Christoph Freiharr von Gersdorff, Dr. Michael Hensley, Henrik Raaberg, Karin Lindberg, Tommy Smith, Tetsuji Nishikura, Christopher J. Freeman, Shade H. Sanford, Bart Lindekens, Putong Ariel R./Ariel R. Putong, Larry J. McCollum, Sr., Egert Anslan, Norman Cruise, Marc Carter, Masaki Yaegashi, Jeremy Whitley, Romain Simoni, Zenaida Lima Barreiro, Isaak Ifrach, Dr. Eick Sternhagen, Pawel Bulacik, Bruno Alpi, Keith Harmer, Gilad Skyte, Avraam C. Gounaris, Namit Gaur, William T. Clark, Millicent Curtis, Michael Fassbender, Victor Hingsberg, Larson Walton, Lucas Thung, Julie Ferguson, Kenneth Myers, Andrew Zukoski, David Offenwanger, Brian R. Johnson, Miguel Castro, Mick Dempsey, Bruno Alessi, Thomas Naether, Kirk R. Butt, William Handyside, Michael Abrams, Reinhard Matuschka, Stefan Majoran, Stefan Baumer, Christos Spiromitros, Edin Andelic, Wen Bin Jaw, Chris Ksioufis, Russell Kirkland, Dan Heibult, Alan Rich, S B, Jens Nittel, Masaaki Yamauchi, David Holler, Xavier Estrada, Andreas Wold, Geoffrey Wayne Roach, Etienne Forsström, Christopher J.F. Galiardo, Monte C. Washburn, Dieter Wolfgang Matuschek, Jackson Itikawa, Ashish Vaswani, Frederic Lion, John Gwinn, Jean Philipp Paquin, Matthew Campbell, Glenn Talbot, Allan Christensen, Mike Gilkinson, Dr. Ralph Halder, Warren Tang, Christos Apostolidis, Clemens Gut, Christopher Michael Mejo, Raul Godoy Mayoral, B.R., Adam William Kisby/Adam Kisby, Mattias Törnquist, Irene Alexandra Taboada Estrada, Vincenzo Iozzo, James Parkhurst, Robert Mestre, Achim de Vivie, Robert Blais, Pamela Staschik Neumann, Brendon Thomas, Sharon Wong, Paul Tighe, Felipe C. Abala, Shaun Patrick Sullivan, ‘johnnyvirtual,’ Anders Hellström, Robert B. Dale, Jason Boyens, Andres Gomez Emilsson, Alex Camperlino (Magnus), Robbi Mounce, Issa Ali Atoum, Alexandra Patricio, Quinn Malory, Mike Ridpath, Alexis Petit, Frederick Goertz, Kim Nygren, David H. Wilson, Raymond Plischke, Ioannis Chondrobilas, Walter van Huissteden, Fivos Drymiotis, Stergios Chatzikyriakidis, Elizabeth Anne Scott, Susan Nigro Gelsomino, Etta Dunn, Kathrine E. Linebaugh, Mads Holm Andersen, Zakariya Belal, Clyde H. Hedgcoth, Serge (?), Gautham Sekar, Edward S. Nacua, Wes Curry, John Payawal, Romi Khanna, Charlotte Jensen, Gregor Brand, Albert Lee, James Dorsey, Liu Rijing, Konstantinos Dalachanis, Ivan Suarez Gomez, Afsin Saltik, Admund Tay, Gustavo Bellon, Javier Riu Santos, Shailendu Shroff, Jeffery Lincoln, Gautam Balaram, Didier Desse, Cesar Lobo Perez, Jesse Buckley, Luke Harbaugh, Thomas Ossel, Martin Jacobsen, Christian Kissling, Felix Melber, Oscar Östlin, Andreas Albihn, Andre R., David Lubkin, Andrew Frye, Matias Exequiel Perez Artuso, Owen Cosby, Michael Tokayer, Andreas Edwin Juarso, Richard Welch, George Walendowski, Christos Arvanitis, Angelica Partida, Norm Chesler, Osama Basta, Christian Sohl, Damiano Belluci, Daniel Solis, Mauro Antonielli, Amanda Rogers, Bram van Kaathoven, Hermann Michael Scherder, Peter S. Kim, Julia Zuber, Miguel Angel Gonzalez Rodrigo, Sebastian Grijalva, Igor Jeremic, Lisa Meesomboon, Patrick Münzinger, Christopher James Garcia, Paul Laurent Miranda, Luis Enrique Perez Ostoa, Anthony Lawson, Joshua Jurgen Weber, Shinji Okazaki, Cedric Johnson, Henning Droege, Ming Zhang, Hans Göran Anas, Okay Karakas, Rolland Vilar, Davide Piffer, Wing Chi Chan, Marios Prodromou, Joseph Gama, Caroline Walter, Mohd Faeiz Pauzi, John McGilvra, John Martinez, Marin Filinic, Robert Andersson, Allan Markovic, Henrik Hjort, Gonzalo Sanchez Pia, Ernie Marasigan, Jason Munn, Gerry Marasigan, Burak Yulug, Peter Lisowski, Sunder Rangarajan, Justin M. Cruz, Jose Gutierrez Saez, Dennis Roldan A. Castillo, James Marshall, Ricardo Borges, Tayo Sandono, Adil Suhail Rehman Butt, Leif E. Agesen, Nomar Norono, Dave Hacht, Sage Kuhens, Stefano Zanero, Justin William Ziljstra, Mus Murium, Jacek Lewkowicz, Mus Murium, Jacek Lewkowicz, Christoffer Collin, Gonzalo Pena Fernandez, German Gonzalez, Perry Choi, Dany Provost, Antonio Rada, Anastasios Chatziargiriou, Yusaku Hori, Alexis Petit, David Hunter, Mateusz, Zukowski, David Barsky, Jesse Wilkens, John Kaspo, Mae Ann de Leon, Ahsan Zaheer Shaikh, Alexandre Costa, Stephen Maule, Asais Ashfaq, Tapio Kortesaari, Eduardo Rangel, Flor Argenti, Pedro Oliveira, Whayne Zhang, Sanzio Ambrosini, Joseph Anthony Tomlinson, Alex Brown, Dr. Amit Mahesh Shelat, Thuy-Vi Ton That, Torbjörn Brenna, Jose Raul Alava, Luca Banic, Alan Lee, Jose Gonzalez Molinero, Adam Farmer, Patrick J. McShea, Viorel, Silvana Paredes, Carlos Oliver Alvarez Gonzalez, Marcelo Eyer Fernandes, Sunil Maitla Josh Mills, Tom States, Varun Rawat, Ken Olsen, Flo Pressi, Subir Bakshi, Nancy Vanstone, Jay Aubrey Jackson, Sebastian Stolze, Tiago Santos, Ignacio Barraza, Juho Kärenlampi, Leon M. Hostetler, Victor Odtuhan, [Omitted by request], Eugenio Correnti, Virginia Marasigan, Jorden Rex Olson, Lulu Sukhabut, Necie Gamo, Jarl Victor Björgan, Santanu Sengupta, Daniel Eriksson, David Horvat, Bill Kruse, Tony Lee Magee, Philip Heffington, Fernando Sanchez Serrano, Kripanshu Pant, Harris Senin, ‘royfancoolguy,’ Jan Flour, Suman Gaurab Das, Panagioitis Bertes, Erikos Liberatos, Ali Ouattou, Yoshiyuki Shimizu, Dr. Jürgen Koller, Paul E. Thompson, Eileen Reitmaier, Nuno Baptista, Robert Birnbaum, Alberto Bedmar Montano, Juha Starck, Vincente Fernandez Sanchez, Joseph M. Ferraro, Andrei Zaharescu, Karl Manthey, Jennifer Solomon, Graham Powell, Fernando Barbosa Neto, Devon Surian, Simon Mezgec, Caleb van Duinen, Paul Freeman, Shantanu Gadkari, Baransel, Saginda, Olaf Bühler, Kirsten M. Cruz, Jhonata Ramos, Dawn Towensend, Lauri Katainen, Karl G. Reitmaier, Adams Rosales, Birgit Scholz, Nicolas Bodereau, Murat Hancer, Marco Ripa, Guohua Gao, Mario Marella, Bo Ostergaard Nielsen, Beatrice Rescazzi, Deron K. Holmes, Phil Elauria, Gerasimos Papaleventis, Christel Grieten, Srika Darisetty, Michael Baker, Vedran Glisic, Paz Marasigan, Nikhil Dhamapurkar, Richard Szary, Marty Karpinski, Moreno Casalegno, Paul Davies, Pascale E. Qureshi, Harry Blazer, Kamil Hendzel, Tobias Martin Lithner, Jose Antonio Polo Hernandez Michael Thrasher, Chenwenjin AlenEinstjin, Zachary Edward Timmons, Duc Hong LE, Michelle Anne Bullas Unit Soygenis, Rudolf Trubba, Andrea Toffoli, Yvonne Brown, Gustavo Fabbroni, Jipa Vlad, Alex Beyer, Etienne Laurin, Cameron Hopkins-Harrington, Gary Song, Giorgio Milani, AMANDA Cudnohosky, Alexander Herkner, Roberto Rodriguez, Landon T. Bennett, Barry Beanland, Stephen Getzinger, Lim Surya Tjahyadi, Juri Tovar, Joseph Andrews, Cary Sheremet, Aman Bagaria, Beau Clemens, Omar l. Hamade, Morie Janine Hutchens, Akshay Goel, Gwyneth Wesley Rolph, Dr. Tahawar Ali Khan, Kathryn McLean, Goran Ahlander, Darb, Yao Xu, James Lorrimore, Jakub Oblizajek, Willian Talvane da Silva, Joao Aleixo, Tom Högström, Gordon Little, Khy Donovan Logan, Akshay Quadir, Gaetano Morelli, Kimmo Kostamo, Lu Yu Lin, P.R., Tilman Danker, Harold Ford, Osrox Fabella, Silvio Di Fabio, Rafal Sycinski, Gudrun Röpke, Jeremy Buras, Jefferson Lee Humphrey, Anthony Daniel Pisano, Jorge R. Martinez, Bulmaro Jimenez, Frank Aiello, Rüdiger Ebendt, Slava Lanush, Dr. Claus-Dieter Volko, Nicolo Pezzuti, David Testerini, and Bisson.

[6] More than 1,300 members.

[7] The listed members’ links include the following: The Mind Society, OATHS, Albert Frank, Bill Bultas, Donna Blasor-Bernhardt, Frank M. Lopez, Susan L. Nigro, Ludomind Society, Genius Society, Don Stoner, Omega Society, Epimetheus Society, Chris Eichenberger, Divine Madness, Morgan Hansen, Sage Kuhens, Marzena A. Broel-Plater, Brennan Martin, and Martin T. Lithner.

[8] Its member webpages as follows: Julia (JCC), Andrea (ALP), Kevin, TimeLord (KB), William: African-American resource pages (WRJ), Eric: Tales of the Mine Country (EM), Laura (LDL), Kevin‘s Domain (TM), Ulf‘s Artwork … Read about the Greatest Geniuses of history, Ed‘s Radio Resume (ES), Frank presents the Pragmatism of C. S. Peirce (FPP), Video Mike (ME), Bill: Website Kafejo (WPP), Alex (TsC), Derrick (DPG), Juan (JRG), Frank (FT), Mick (MoR), Carl (CRS), David (DGH), T.M. Lukas Hughes (TLH), Kate (KJ), Dan (DLT), Jeff (J2K), Ken (KCB), Yuri‘s photo (YuM), Olivier (OCG), James (JLL), Wyman (JWB), Christopher (SeeWy), Dana (DM), and Steve (KSH).

[9] Its founder is Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis. Its subscribers as follows: Anonymous C.S.001, Ashraya Ananthanarayanan, and Tor Arne Jørgensen. Its current members sit at 367. Officers have been present. Its presidents have been Androniki Dalkavouki, Marc-André Groulx, Julie T., Irene Alexandra Taboada, Thomas B., and Evangelos Katsioulis. Its vice presidents have been Marc-André Groulx, Evangelos Katsioulis, Isaac Ifrach, Étienne Forsström, Julie T., and Maria Claudia Faverio. Its web officers have been Evangelos Katsioulis, Chris Chsioufis, and Mári Donkers. Its membership officers have been Evangelos Katsioulis, Marc-André Groulx, Djordje Rancic, Karin Lindgren, and Michael Dempsey.

[10] Founded by Paul Cooijmans, it hosts several hundred members at a reasonable cognitive rarity.

[11] Its website states:

ISPE Board of Trustees

  • Daniel J. Schultz, Ph.D., Chair of the Trustees, Diplomate  and Philosopher of the Society
  • William L. Hoon, D.M.D. (Pennsylvania), Diplomate
  • Pierre A. Rioux, MD (Minnesota), Diplomate
  • Robert J. Skinner, D.Min., MSOM, CIW, CWP (Tennessee), Diplomate

ISPE Founder (1974)

  • Christopher Harding (Australia), Diplomate and Philosopher of the Society

Elected Officers and Key Appointed Volunteer Officers

Stephen Levin, Esquire (Pennsylvania)

Vice President
Roger Brown (Georgia)

Scott Harrigan (New York)

Mark van Vuuren (South Africa)


Advancement Officer
Dr. Robert Campbell (Kingdom of the Netherlands)
Harstenhoekweg 184
2587 RS Den Haag

Director of Admissions
Roger Brown (Georgia)
1020 Rockingham St
Alpharetta GA 30022 

Telicom (the official Journal of ISPE)
Kathy Kendrick (South Dakota), Telicom Editor-in-Chief

Kate Jones, Telicom  Sr. Proofreader (Maryland)
Harish Vallury, Telicom Proofreader (New York)

Immediate Past President
Dr. Patrick M. O’Shea

Vernon Neppe, MD, Ph.D, FRSSAf (Washington)

Global Strategic Initiatives and Planning Committee
Roger Brown, Chair (Georgia)
Thomas W. Chittenden (Massachusetts)
Lalaine Durand (California)
Shannon D. Hasenfratz Gardner (Kentucky)
David J. Levin (Pennsylvania)
Goran Pettersson (Sweden)
Erryca Robicheaux (Louisiana)
Joerg Steinhaus (Germany)
Stephen Levin, ex officio (Pennsylvania)

Chief Statistical Sciences Advisor
Thomas W. Chittenden, PhD., DPhil, PStat (Massachusetts)

Committee on Ethics 
Thomas W. Chittenden, PhD., DPhil, PStat (Massachusetts)
Simon Olling Rebsdorf (Denmark)
Dr. Patrick M. O’Shea (Minnesota)
Kathy Kendrick (South Dakota), ex officio
Bill Smith, Deputy General Counsel (South Carolina), ex officio

Recruiting Officer
Cindy Smith (Georgia)

Database Manager
Changes to any member’s database entry is accessed by each member online at 

Elections Officer
Vernon Neppe, MD, Ph.D, FRSSAf  (Washington)

Educational Consultant
Dr. Greg A. Grove (Oregon)

Historian/Back Issues of Telicom
Patrick M. O’Shea, D.M.A. (Minnesota)

Special Projects Officer
Darrell L. McLaughlin, PMP (Illinois)

General Counsel
Stephen Levin, Esquire (Pennsylvania)
Bill Smith, Esquire, Deputy General Counsel (South Carolina)

Public Relations and Media Representative
Erryca Robicheaux (Louisiana)

New Member Welcome Program Manager
Dr. Norman Pillsbury (Florida)
736 Westminster Drive
Orange Park, FL 32073

Social Network Administrator
Simon Olling Rebsdorf (Denmark)

IT Team
Brendan Bardy (Michigan)
Michele Lovaas (Michigan)
Julia Vaughn (Michigan)

Stephan Wagner Damianowitsch (Serbia)

Mentors of the Society
Aaron D. Gitler, Ph.D. (California, Stanford University)
Alexandra York (Pennsylvania)

[12] It has 2,000, potentially more, members with the current Regent/Chairman as Thorsten Heitzmann, Ombudsman David Auernheimer, Member-at-Large Tess Stanhaus, Member-at-Large Tom Chantler, Member-at-Large Werner Konik, and Member-at-Large Ina Bendis.

[13] Their listed members as follows: President (Beatrice Rescazzi), Vice President (Graham Powell), and members and honorary members including Moreno Casalegno (Co-Founder), Maria C. Faverio, Paul Freeman, Greg. A. Grove, Gaetano Morelli, Stan Riha, Vincenzo D’Onofrio, Giulio Zambon, Fernando Barbosa Neto, Alan J. Lee, Robert Birnbaum, Jacqueline Slade, Richard Stock, Greg Collins, Torbjørn Brenna, Noriyuki Sakurai, Zachary Timmons, Phil Elauria, Andrea Toffoli, Marios Prodromou, Duc Hong Le, Gianmarco Bartellone, [Omitted by request], Michael Thrasher, José Gonzàles Molinero, Mick Pletcher, Richard Szary, José Serrano, Pamela Staschik-Neumann, Nuno Baptista, Adam Kisby, Andrea Gelmetti, Faisal Alfagham فيصل الفغم, Gustavo Fabbroni, Shaun Sullivan, Gerasimos Politis, Gavan Cushnan, Pietro Bonfigli, Djordje Rancic, Jon Scott Scharer, Roberto A. Rodriguez, Jesse Wilkins, Rajiv Kutty, Nomar Alexander Noroño Rodríguez, Scott Poh, Miroslaw Zajdel, Stephen Getzinger, Nancy Vanstone, Guillaume Chanteloup, Karin Lindgren, Gary Song, Lim Surya Tjahyadi, Paul Laurent, Eric Anthony Trowbridge, Niels Christoffers, Michelle Anne Bullas, Jeffrey Lee Graham, Tahawar Ali Khan, Yuri Tovar, Jason Oliver, Jarl Victor Bjørgan, Bradley Hutchinson, Donald M. Fell, Gwyneth Wesley Rolph, Vicente Lopez Pena, Rudolf Trubba, Barry Beanland, Morie Janine Hutchens, Keegan Ray McLoughlin, Hever Horacio Arreola Gutierrez, Michael Backer, Jr, Aman Bagaria, Selim Şumlu. David Gordon Little, Victor Hingsberg, Anthony Lawson, Beau D. Clemmons, R. K., Alberto Bedmar Montaño, Paul Stuart Nachbar, Jim Lorrimore, Jakub Oblizajek, Gabriel Sambarino, Tony Lee Magee, Dorian Forget, Tom Högström, Elizabeth Anne Scott, Michael Donoho, Ernest Williamson III, Nicole Mathisen, Katarina Vestin, Christine Van Ngoc Ty, Jason Betts, Yu-Lin Lu, Nikolaos Solomos, Gracia Cornet, Richard Painter, Wyman Brantley, Yao Xu, Kevin James Daley, Stephen Maule, Birgit Scholz, Leif E. Ågesen, Mohammed Al Sahaf, Martin Murphy, Samuel Mack-Poole, Vuk Mircetic, Peter Radi, Marcin Kulik, Harold Ford, Thomas G. Hadley, Miguel Soto, Göran Åhlander, Evangelos Katsioulis, Anja Jaenicke, Roy Morris, Slava Lanush, Frank J. Ajello, Nicolò Pezzuti, James Dorsey, Massimo Caliaro, Michael Tedja, John Argenti, Therese Waneck, Bo Østergaard Nielsen, Sudarshan Murthy, Daniel Roca, Glikerios Soteriou, Kristina Thygesen, Miguel Jorge Castro Pinho, Tim G. Griffith, Claus Volko, Diego Iuliano, Elcon Fleur, Evan Tan, Dalibor Marinčić, Konstantinos Ntalachanis, Candy Chilton, ​Diego Fortunati, WeiJie Wang, Alessia Iancarelli, Cristian Vaccarella, Iakovos Koukas, Filippo De Donatis, Richard Ball, Zhida Iiu, R. Kent Ouimette, Marina Belli, Karim Serraj, Kim Sung-jin, Juman Lee, CHIANG LI CHING, Zhibin Zhang 张志彬, Andre Gangvik, Nikos Papadopoulos Παπαδόπουλος Νίκος, Jo Christopher M. Resquites, Ricky Chaggar, Félix Veilleux-Juillet, Michael Franklin, Michela Fadini, Fabrizio Fadini, ​Fabrizio Bertini, Cosimo Palma, ​Nobuo Yamashita 山下 伸男, Cristian Combusti, Mostafa Moradi, Xiao-ming CAI 蔡晓明, Fabio Castagna, Robert Hodosi, Francisco Morais dos Santos, Cynthia L. Miller, Hongzhe Zhang 张鸿哲, Serena Ramos, Nguyen Tran Hoai Thuong Nguyễn Trần Hoài Thương​, ​Giuseppe Corrente, ​Sergey Dundanov, Andrea Casolari, Anthony Brown, Veronica Palladino, ​Yohei Furutono, Francesco Carlomagno, Emanuele Gianmaria Possevini, Joseph Leslie Jennings, Robin Lucas, Rosario Alessio Ronca, ​Oliver Dammel, Javier Rio Santos, Sebastiao Borges Machado Junior, Agasi Pietro, Taddeucci Nicholas, Andre Massaro, Mika Korkeamäki, Tor Arne Jørgensen, Dario Casola, Federico Statiglio, Vincent Li 李宗泽, Jewoong Moon 문제웅, Annelie Oliver, Nitish Joshi, Christian Sorensen​, Simon Olling Rebsdorf, ​Marzio Mezzanotte, Paolino Francesco Santaniello, Edwin P. Christmann, and ​Nicos Gerasimou.

[14] Not all members are listed publicly. Its listed Founder: Chris Chsioufis, President: Vice President: Stanislav Riha, Test Officer: Djordje Rancic, Test Officer: Michael Chew, Membership Officer: Gavan Cushnahan, Membership Officer: Torbjørn Brenna, Honorary members: Baran Yonter D’Arcy Desabrais Evangelos G. Katsioulis Luis E. Pérez Ostoa Paul Freeman Grand Dr. (Prof.) Niranjan C. Bhat, and then the listed 18 hidden members in addition to the following members: Achim de Vivie, Deron K. Holmes,  Jorge Antonio Sosa Huapaya, Michael Paul Burman, Sean Silverman Akram Janzi, Dieter Matuschek,  José Antonio Polo Hernández, Miguel Angel Soto Miranda, Sebastian Grijalva Alan O’Donnell,  Djordje Rancic,  Jose Gonzalez Molinero, Miguel de Sa Sotomaior, Sebastian Stolz, Ales Milosavljevic, Douglas Thorpe,  José María Pinto Canto, Muhamed Veletanlic,  Serge Miserez, Alex Brown, Douglas O,  Joseph Gama, Namit Gaur,  Sharon Wong, Alexander Herkner, Dr. Jason D. Baron, MD,  Josh Sparks, Nikolai von Boetticher, Shaun Sullivan, Alexander Melnick, Drew Sanner,  Juan A. Pinera, Nikhil Dhamapurkar, Shawn Clinton, Alexandre Costa, DROSSOS DROSSOS,  Juan Gonzalez Liebana, Nileon Dimalaluan, Jr., Shi-hyung Lee, Alexandros Katranidis, Duc Hong LE,  Jürgen Koller, Noriyuki Sakurai, Shinji Okazaki, Anders Berglund, Dylan Taylor,  Karin Lindgren,  Ola Obrant, Silvio Di Fabio, Anders Orback, Eddy D. Maillot,  Karl Wilhelmson, Olav Nilsen, Sindre Aarsaether, Andrea Abramucci, Eduardo Costa,  Katie Cesaro, Oliver Kant, Song In-Chang, Andrea Toffoli, Einar Zettergren,  Kenneth Heaton,  Owen Cosby, Stan Riha, Andreas Sjostrand, Eleftherios Spiromitros,  Kerstin Palo, Pamela Staschik-Neumann, Stefan Langemalm, Andrew Aus Elizabeth Anne Scott  Kim Vaughan Pantelis Papageorgiou Stefan Majoran, Andrew E. Reineberg, Emiel Verlinden,  Iakovos Koukas, Patrick Maitland,  Stefano Casali, Angel Dure, Eric Anthony Trowbridge,  Lauren Bylsma, Paul Edgeworth, Sunder Rangarajan, Antonio Rada, Eric Stillwachs,  Leif E. Ågesen, Paul Laurent, Takeshi Amagi, Antonis Polykratis, Ernesto Marasigan,  Hideharu Kobayashi, Leo Borek, Pedro Lopez, Tapio Kortesaari, Armin Becker, Espen Andersen , Hugo Gutierrez, Leon Goldberg, Pedro Motta Carneiro,  Terry Strong, Bernhard Junker,  Espen Bernton, Ilias Iliadis, Lion Frederic,  Pedro Pablo Andreu, Theodosis Prousalis, Bo Østergaard Nielsen, Etienne Forsstrom,  Ioannis Chondrobilas, Lorenzo Buschi, Peter Briscoe, Thomas B., Bo Ramqvist, Eugenio Correnti, Isaac Ifrach,  Luis Miguel López Martínez, Peter Fredholm, Thomas Faulkner, Bo Xu, Fernando José Kirschbaum, Ivan Ivec, Luke Harbaugh, Peter Heymans, Thomas G. Hadley, Bourret Thierry,  Fernando Barbosa Neto, Ivo Rubic, Maciej Tomczak , Peter Rossotti, Thomas H McFadden, Jr., Bram van Kaathoven, Francisco Rodriguez, Jackson Itikawa,  Magnus Carlson,  Petros Rafailidis,  Thorsten Wuest, Brent Seeley, Fivos Drymiotis, Jacqueline Slade,  Magnus Johansson, Pirvu Steluta, Tim Ginstfeldt, Brian Thomson, Fredrik Fagersten, James Boland, Magnus Segersten, Queno Denis,  Tobias Lindberg, Bruno Alessi,  Frederik Floether, James David Dunn, Manfred Zuber, Rachel Velazquez, Tomasz Bucki, Bruno Alpi,  Gautham Sekar,  James Keating, Marc Roman Remulla, Reinhard Matuschka, Tommy Upshaw, Bryan Morwood,  Gavan Cushnahan, Jan Markborg, Marc-Andre Groulx, Richard Ambler,  Tommy Smith, Burak Yulug, Georg Werner Kohlmeyer, Jan Snauwaert, Marcin Dukaczewski, Richard E. Cadle,  Toni Espinosa Largo, Carey Lah, Gerasimos Politis, Jari Hyvönen, Marcus Gemeinder, Richard Sharp, Torbjørn Brenna, Caspar Nijhuis, Gerry Gore,  Jari-Matti Lintala, Marco Ripà, Robert Andersson, Tuukka Paikkari, Cesar Tome-Lopez, Gi Beom Bae, Jason Munn, Mari Donkers, Robert Blias, Van Ngoc Ty Christine, Christian Crona, Gianmarco Bartellone, Jason Parker, Maria Claudia Faverio, Robert Brizel, Victor Hingsberg, Christine Van Ngocty, Giulio Zambon, Jean Loup Agache,  Marin Filinic, Robert Roy, Vincent Darras, Christoffer Collin, Gonzalo Pena Fernandez, Jeff Leonard, Marios Prodromou, Rodrigo Garcia Kosinski, Vincenzo Iozzo, Christoph Gersdorff, Gosta Mellberg,  Jeffery Lee Humphrey, Masaaki Yamauchi, Roger Kircher, Wayne Zhang, Christos Apostolidis, Greg Holland, Jens Frid, Martin Brooks, Rolland Vilar, Will Weatherly, Claudiu Saftoiu, Guillem Mata Valligny,  Jesmond Debono,  Martin Stromberg, Romain Simoni,  Willem Bosma, Costas Skordilis,  Gustav Knutsson, Jo Christopher M. Resquites, Merlin Carl,  Ronald Boonstra, William Handyside, Dan Robert Milstone,  Gwyneth Wesley Rolph, Joe Bolognese, Michael Baker, Jr., Ronnie Bjorklund, William Munsil, Daniel Krizek, Hakan Johansson, John Argenti, Michael Bois, Rudolf Trubba, Yoshiyuki Shimizu, Daniel Schuler,  Han Kyung Lee, John M. Boyer, Michael Chew, Russell Schap, Y-U-R-I, Danny Mertens, Hans Anas, John Michael Hailey, Michael D Mehlman, Ryan Sloan,  Yusaku Hori, David Burns, Harry Hollum, John Thomas McGuire, Michael Dempsey,  Ryon F. Adams, Zenaida lima Barreiro, David Quint, Henrik Hjort, Jonas Haas, Michael Ernst, Sandra Schlick, Zheng Cai, David Wellendorf,  Henry Patterson , Jonatas Muller, Michael Fagre, Sang jun Choi, Dennis Kovich, Heo Hoon, Jonathon Griffin, Michael Fassbender, and Sanzio Ambrosini.

[15] Its Facebook group affirms 226 members.


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